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Apr 29

True or False: Corp Recruiters Fear Agency Recruiters

True or False?  It’s a common belief, in most Talent and HR circles, that most corporate recruiters fear agency recruiters.  Go ahead and argue if you would like, but it seems a little silly. The reality is, true recruiting professionals don’t fear amateurs. It’s like a really great professional Photographer.  They charge money because they offer […]

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Apr 28

I Miss Old School Employee Training Videos!

Remember the bad 80’s employee training videos?  When I was at Applebee’s we had a series of sexual harassment training videos that would never fly in today’s politically correct world! These videos were part 70’s porn, part creepy uncle and 100% pure gold. I couldn’t ever play them without laughing out loud.  They were so […]

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Apr 27

The 3 Conference Speakers You’ll See At a Conference Near You

I was sitting at an HR conference last week next to my friend, Laurie Ruettimann, listening to someone talk about something they did at some company and made this statement: “You know, you only see three types of conference speakers.” We were bored. We start talking in the back like the bad kids in class. So, […]

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Apr 26

T3 – The New Crap from HR Tech Conference Season

By using “Crap” in the title I’m guaranteed to get at least 3 emails this morning unsubscribing from my blog! You still with me? Hey, gang! What’s up!? I’ve been to three conferences in the past two weeks and have gathered a bunch of new HR and TA tech I will be talking about in […]

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Apr 25

7 Words Mathematically Proven to Get You More Hires!

Wired recently worked with OkCupid and to find out which words were used on the most popular dating profiles on their sites.  Millions of data points were done for this data analysis and they came up with the most popular 1000 words.  What they came up with were the exact words to use in […]

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Apr 22

Maternity/Paternity Plans in 2016 #HRTF16

Hey, gang! I’m at HR Tech Fest in Washington D.C. and so far there has been some exceptional content and keynote sessions! One of those keynotes was given by Jim O’Gorman who is the SVP of Talent and Organization at Hulu. Jim spoke about the organizational evolution of Hulu going from startup to becoming a […]

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Apr 21

The Most Powerful Talent Attractor

We make talent acquisition much harder than it needs to be.  We focus on things like employment branding, candidate experience, recruitment analytics, etc. All important stuff, but a lot of this focus takes away from what’s really basic and critical to being great at acquiring talent. At its core, the most powerful talent attractor is […]

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SHRM Talent
Apr 20

#SHRMtalent – Is This a Recruiting Conference?

I’ve been pretty outspoken throughout the years about the lack of great Talent Acquisition conferences on the national stage.  There are some great local and regional recruiting conferences, like Recruit DC, Talent 42, Minnesota Recruiters and, of course, the Michigan Recruiters Conference. I really love the folks at SourceCon, and they do a great job, […]

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Apr 19

T3 – Boon

This week on T3 I take a look at Boon. Boon is a new talent crowdsourcing marketplace. Basically, Boon is a referral marketplace for sharing relevant opportunities with your personal network. Ther are some others in this space, that do it a bit differently, but it’s basically a recruiting disrupter that cuts out the middle […]

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Apr 18

@SHRM Talent Management in Orlando – I’m Here, Are you?

I’m speaking twice this week at SHRM Talent Management in Orlando.  SHRM’s TM conference is a combination of Talent Management and quickly becoming SHRM’s Talent Acquisition conference. The agenda content is about 50/50, with some really great Talent Acquisition speakers on the agenda. I like the SHRM events from a speaker’s point of view because […]

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