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Jun 16

5 Instagram Filters That Will Make HR Better at Recruiting!

You know it’s true—you’re a great HR Pro, but you don’t really like to recruit. That’s okay, because you’re good at a million other things your company values. But here’s the thing: A recent Deloitte report outlined the need for HR Pros to grow their skills beyond what our functional area is traditionally known for. […]

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May 23

Would You Be Willing To Pay For Interview Feedback?

I get my ideas in the shower. I have a busy life, so it seems like my down time is that solid 5 to 10 minutes I get in the shower. I usually shower twice a day—once first thing in the morning, then before I go to bed. That’s 10 to 20 minutes daily to […]

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May 6

The Secrets Behind How Google, Amazon and Facebook Hire The Best People!

This was a headline the other day in an article over at Qz.com by Sarah Cooper. Now, Quartz does legitimate articles so it might have been hard for some to figure out if this was actually supposed to satire or if Sarah was actually trying to help you out. I have a feeling it was a […]

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May 5

Don’t Apply to College if You’re White, Middle Class and Male

I heard a female comedian the other day say one of the truest things I’ve ever heard: Look, if you’re a white dude, and you’re failing in America, you’re really a failure! You’re like the definition of failure! You can’t be a white dude and complain about how hard life is. If you’re a white […]

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May 3

T3 – Pimp My Job Descriptions

I think there is one thing we all still agree on, most job descriptions flat out suck! This leads to a conversation around job descriptions versus job postings. HR pros will say job descriptions are boring because a job description is a legal document. That can be debated, but it’s why most job descriptions are […]

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Apr 4

Rerun – HR’s Guide to White People

It’s Spring Break in Michigan, so I’m going to step away from the daily grind and throw some Reruns at you! You guys remember Rerun, from What’s Happening? (look it up, kids!) So, enjoy the Reruns, they’re some of my favorites! Originally ran December 2011 – People find this funny, it still gets high traffic. […]

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Mar 28

The Employment Branding Arms Race!

Here’s why HR and Talent Acquisition is NOT like Marketing. This is marketing – Nike, Addidas, Under Armour, etc. all fight for market share.  Nike signs Lebron, KD and Kobi. Under Armour signs Steph Curry. Addidas gets D Rose and Wiggins. All of the shoe companies are trying to sign the top sports talent to […]

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Mar 24

2 Minutes with Tim! SHRM-SCP or HRCI-SPHR?

Hey! guys, I’m trying a new platform out this week called Anchor.FM which allows me to post audio right on my blog, and if you have the Anchor App which you can download for free from the App Store for iPhone, you can easily respond back. Here’s how it works – I have 2 minutes […]

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Mar 22

T3 – Employment Branding Activation tool @Universum_eb

A couple times a year I get to demo a product that totally blows me away.  This week on T3 that product is Universum! Okay, let’s first get out of the way they Universum uses an underscore in the Twitter name which is a kiss of death in marketing! I have to let this go, […]

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Mar 16

The First Rule of Recruiting

Sometimes we go so far into the weeds in recruiting we forget what is really important. We have to have a brand! We have to have an ATS! Or a new ATS! We have to have a CRM! What the hell is a CRM! Our job descriptions need to be better! Our career site sucks! […]

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