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Nov 27

5 Things HR Pros Do At Work The Day After Thanksgiving!

The Friday after the Thanksgiving holiday has to be the most useless day of work ever.  I know many folks who still don’t get this off as a holiday, and either have to burn vacation or burn PTO to get this day off paid – obviously not including all of those folks who work in […]

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Nov 26

The Sackett Thanksgiving Menu

It’s Thanksgiving in America and you’re reading a blog post.  I’m assuming a few things about you at this moment: 1. You’re bored because you have family around that is driving you nuts. 2. You’re in a food coma and need the nice warm glow of a screen in your face. 3. You’re not in […]

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Nov 13

3 Things HR Pros Don’t Want for the Holidays!

It’s that time of year when you start receiving holiday gifts from HR Vendors.  My own company even does it.  For the most part, we send out a holiday card to the vast majority out our contacts, but those ‘paying’ clients or ‘Friends of the Company’ (former or future paying clients) we do something special.  […]

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Jul 30

5 Great Excuses To Miss a Co-workers Wedding

I had one of my Recruiters ask for some advice this week. It wasn’t work advice, it was a little more personal.  She had told a person she would attend a wedding of a family member with them, but was having second thoughts. It was one of those Holy Crap moments! I don’t really like […]

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May 29

The Public Education Summer Vacation Scam

In about 2 weeks my 3 sons will be off of school for the summer.  That means my wife will lose her mind for the next 12 weeks as she has 3 smelly bodies running in and out of the house all day, lying around and doing what boys do. Which at this point I […]

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May 25

This One’s For You Poppi

(Picture Above – Poppi, my Mom (far left) and three of my Aunts) My Grandfather fought in WWII in the U.S. Navy.  After he died my Grandmother gave me his medals and pictures. I was about 13 years old. I still remember the feel of the medals and yellowing of the paper and edges of […]

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Dec 25

Merry Christmas HR and Talent Pros

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Dec 24

HR’s Christmas Gift

Ok, before we get started, stop it.  I could have titled this, “HR’s Holiday Gift” or “HR’s Chanukah Gift”, etc. But, I didn’t, the majority of people celebrate Christmas, so I used Christmas. Breath in HR people. (for the record we celebrate both Hanukkah and Santa in my house – my kids are equal gift […]

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Dec 19

HR’s Greeting Cards

Around the holidays I go out and get greeting cards to send out to various friends and family.  We also receive a ton of holiday cards at home and work. I’m always amazed at how specific the greeting card companies have gotten.  Just this past week my own Mom send a card to my wife […]

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Nov 27

Sackett’s Things To Be Thankful For in HR and Recruiting

It’s Thanksgiving, you shouldn’t be ready HR blog posts. You’ve got a problem. I can probably recommend someone for you to talk to, but now that you’re here, let me tell you about all the things I’m thankful for in HR and Recruiting. Sackett’s Things He’s Thankful For in HR and Recruiting: 1. Employees who show […]

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