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Mar 23

The Big Reference Check Scam!

I remember when I started my first job in Talent Acquisition and HR, I totally believed checking references was going to lead me to better, higher quality hires. My HR university program practically drilled into me the belief that “past performance predicts future performance.” For all I knew those words were delivered on tablets from […]

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Jan 25

Job Seekers You’re Only Judged on These Two Criteria

If you’re out looking for a job it usually feels like you’re being judged on every little thing you do, have done or potentially will do in the future. Interestingly enough, a Harvard professor discovered you’re actually only judged on two things: “People size you up in seconds, but what exactly are they evaluating? Harvard […]

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Dec 23

The Best Talent Expects Tougher Interviews

I was reminded this week about the importance of tough interviews and their importance! My friend has been interviewing at a number of good companies for high-level jobs. He’s going to be a great hire for someone, he’s a top notch talent. Great resume, experience, education and personality. He’s a five-tool player, A level talent! […]

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Oct 30

10 Solutions to Your Worst HR and TA Headaches!

CareerBuilder did a funny thing at their booth at the HR Tech Conference this year and had people vote on their worst HR and TA headaches. CB then had a running total scoreboard on which headaches were the worst.  Kris Dunn and I loved the idea and we are putting on a webinar next Tuesday, […]

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Oct 23

Sustainable Talent Acquisition

Here’s what I know.  A sustainable talent acquisition process can’t happen if it’s human run. A manual, human run talent acquisition process eventually falls apart. Think about your employee referral program. It was an awesome program when you launched it last month, last year, etc.  Now it’s dead in the water. Why?  Because it’s almost impossible […]

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Oct 15

5 Signs You Shouldn’t Make That Offer

If I have learned anything at all in my HR/Recruiting career it’s that everyone has an opinion on what makes a good hire. If you ask 100 people to give you one thing they focus on when deciding between candidates, you’ll get 100 different answers! I’ve got some of my own. They might be slightly […]

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Aug 26

Positivity: The New Red Flag in Hiring

I’m trained as an HR pro to pick up on ‘red flags’ in interviewing, in employee behavior, potential turnover risks, etc. Sometimes those red flags are really obvious.  I tease my staff all the time, but missing time on Mondays and Fridays, unexcused time, is a red flag.  It says something about how you feel […]

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Aug 19

Blame the Search Firm for Your Crappy Hires

It’s become common practice in high level NCAA Division Athletics to use retained search firms to hire Athletic Directors and Coaches.  Recently, the University of Minnesota Athletic Director resigned, before UM could terminate him for inappropriate activity, after being on the job for two years.  How did the University of Minnesota respond to this termination? […]

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Jun 19

Too Small, Too Slow, To Succeed

Regular readers of this blog know I’m a huge Michigan State fan, and a basketball fan. So, this week, when the Golden State Warriors won the 2015 NBA Finals I was excited.  Not because I’m a big Warriors fan, although I do love their style of plan, but because former Sparty, Draymond Green, is on […]

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Jun 11

The Biggest Lie HR Tells Candidates

No one ever wants to admit this but it can be really intimidating working with someone who is way smarter and more talented than you.  This is the basis for the biggest lie HR tells candidates. You are Overqualified! Truth be told, no one is ever ‘overqualified’ for a position.  You might have more qualifications […]

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