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Dec 14

HR Pros! You Should Be Going To Court More!

There’s one thing we as HR pros are pretty consistent on. We never want to go to court! We do just about anything to mitigate risk for ourselves and our organizations.  The first step of HR Club is don’t go to court! Now, that’s how most HR pros feel.  I don’t.  I don’t believe it’s HR’s […]

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Dec 11

Open Office Spaces Now Suck…But wait for it…

This just in! Google got it wrong! It seems like we keep hearing that more and more these days. The company that seemingly invited HR and Talent Acquisition keeps getting it wrong. This time, it’s around the open office concept. To be fair to Google, they weren’t the first ones to jump on the open office […]

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Nov 20

Tim Sackett, Best Life Coach Ever!

I believe the concept of ‘Life Coach’ is the biggest con anyone has been able to pull off in the history of mankind.  That being said I personally know some folks who love having a life coach (#WhitePeopleProbs).  I do like the concept of ‘Business Coaches’ or ‘Leadership Coaches’, I see those things a bit […]

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Oct 26

Does Buying Sex Go Too Far In Getting The Best Talent?

Louisville’s basketball program is under fire because of recent allegations by former recruits and players who claim that Louisville paid for strippers to entertain them on recruiting visits, that included paid sex.  From ESPN: “Five former University of Louisville basketball players and recruits told Outside the Lines that they attended parties at a campus dorm […]

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Jul 7

T3- @Hirabl

This week on T3 I take a look at the specialized staffing vendor software technology called Hirabl.  Hirabl is designed to help staffing companies catch revenue they missed because a client, or potential client, hired one of of the staffing vendors candidates, but never paid the fee. What!?! Yep, it’s actually a fairly common occurrence […]

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Jun 26

Live From #SHRM15 – Everyone Wants Priority Status

Next week I’ll be speaking at SHRM’s Annual National Conference in Las Vegas with my good friend Kris Dunn.  Come check us out!  Our session is titled: We’re Bringing Techy Back!  It’s on Monday, June 29th at 2pm in rooms N228-N230. In this session we’ll discuss everything you need to know, as an HR and […]

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Jun 25

The #1 Way to Communicate Success of a HR Change!

Adobe recently changed their annual performance review process of the traditional once-per-year review to a more modern design of having frequent feedback throughout the year: So, based in part on ideas crowdsourced from employees, Morris and her team scrapped annual evaluations and replaced them with a system called Check In. At the start of each […]

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Apr 30

Ladies, would you prefer not negotiating your salary?

An article recently written on NPR speaks to a ‘new’ trend in organizational compensation.  What’s that trend? Apparently, companies are now not negotiating new hire or promotional salaries.  Basically, here’s what we pay for this position, take it or leave it. Do you believe this would work? Here is more from the article: When it […]

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Apr 10

HR Manager Position that Pays $364,000! Want it?

I ran into an age old issue last week, which for some reason hadn’t come up for a very long time, but there he was staring me right in the face, and I still don’t get it!  Here’s the issue, should you post the salary (or your desired salary range based on experience, yadda, yadda…) […]

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Feb 16

Double Your Chances for Promotion in Two Easy Steps

I had a kid reach out to me last week and ask how he could get promoted at his current company.  I call him a kid, because he was probably 20 years younger than I, so I’ve reached that point in my life I can start calling adult professionals, ‘kids’. Laurie Ruettimann and I had […]

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