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Nov 17

Do Your Employees Really Like Your Organization? #EWS2014

Hey, gang I’m running a sponsored post by the great folks at Spherion regarding their 2014 Emerging Workforce Study which has some really great data, check it out. I’m a company guy. When I make the decision to go to work for an organization, I’m both feet in.  I’ve always been that way. I’m the dork who […]

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Nov 5

It’s Not a Talent Contest

I think most of us have gotten away from using the phrase “a war on talent’ throughout the industry.  It’s not really a war, and if it was most of you would lose.  Most talent acquisition shops are unwilling to do what it would take to win a war, that’s just a fact, not a […]

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Nov 4

T3 – BlackbookHR – Sense, RNA and Presto

T3 – Talent Tech Tuesday – is a weekly series here at The Project to educate and inform everyone who stops by on a daily/weekly basis on some great recruiting and sourcing technologies that are on the market.  None of the companies who I highlight are paying me for this promotion.  There are so many […]

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Nov 3

3 Real Reasons HR Does Exit Interviews

The exit interview process is much like most organizations employee referral process. You believe you should have a process.  You design the process.  It’s going to be great! It starts out great.  At some point, soon after starting the process, it dies a slow horrible death! Exit interviews are something every HR pro believes are […]

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Oct 27

Recruitment Marketing Is Not One-size Fits All!

Hey, gang I’m running a sponsored post by the great folks at Spherion regarding their 2014 Emerging Workforce Study which has some really great data, check it out.  The big ‘Wow’ that came out of the study for me is how organizations might be discounting how potential workers are using social media to influence their decision on […]

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Sep 26

The Crappy Job Badge of Honor

As some of you may have realized from recent posts (Wanted: People Who Aren’t Stupid), I’ve been interviewing candidates recently for the position of Technical Recruiter working for my company HRU. I love interviewing because each time I interview I think I’ve discovered a better way to do it, or something new I should be […]

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Sep 10

Fear Can Create Sustainable Success

I’ve been told that fear can only create short-term success.  That’s a lie. You see I grew up with a single mom.  She probably didn’t sleep most nights, and the nights she did it was probably helped by a glass of cheap boxed wine.  She had a mortgage and she had two kids to feed. […]

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Sep 5

HR’s September Call Ups!

For those who aren’t big Major League Baseball (MLB) fans you probably don’t know what the “September Call-Up” or “Expanded Rosters” mean.  Each year on September 1st, as the MLB season goes into its final month, the league allows teams to invite players from their minor league teams and the roster number expands from 25 […]

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Aug 28

What Kind of Mentor Are You?

I got asked to be a mentor for someone recently.  It’s not the first time I’ve been asked, but I found myself wondering what ‘Tim Sackett’ as a mentor should look like.  Maybe it’s where I’m at in my career, but I found myself wondering what is it that I could really give someone coming […]

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Aug 18

10 Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make In HR

I thought it was time that I randomly start listing mistakes we make in HR and letting those coming into HR what not to do.  So, here you go, enjoy! 10 mistakes you don’t want to make in HR: 1. Hiring someone who reschedules their drug test more than once.  I’m willing to give someone […]

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