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Nov 11

Vets, We Love You, but We Still Aren’t Hiring You!

One of the most politically correct lies that employers spout off constantly is how desperate they are to hire Veterans! There’s a reason for this. In America, we love to honor our Vets! There’s nothing better than propping your brand up against that American flag with a soldier standing right next to it. The reality is, […]

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Oct 3

Cutting Corners Equals Better Performance

So, there’s this famous behavioral learning study that gets performed over and over by various researchers. It’s basically the lever study in which if you learn to pull the lever something good happens. The classic is usually a monkey and the treat is a banana. Monkey learns to pull the lever and they get a treat. The […]

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Sep 29

How an HR Leader Would Help Trump Get Better

By now, if you didn’t see the debates live, you’ve heard that Trump, for the most part, was unprepared and got beat pretty good by Hillary. (BTW – the media, and Clinton’s marketing machine have conditioned me to do this – I call Donald Trump – “Trump” and I call Hillary Clinton – “Hillary” – why […]

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Aug 11

Student Loan Debt will end up being an Employer Problem

Take a look at this chart: Basically, what this chart is showing you is that America has a massive student loan debt problem.  Want to know what the next ‘housing crisis’ will be?  It’s right here in this chart! The average student is now leaving college with over $35,000 in debt. This has a trickle […]

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Aug 2

T3 – Pilot (@Pilot_Inc)

This week on T3 I review the new startup coaching technology PILOT. PILOT is the brainchild of Ben Brooks. I’ve known Ben for years, he’s a super smart HR Pro/Leader based in New York who has an exceptional corporate HR background. From Ben’s corporate experience he realized there was a gap in the market when […]

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Jul 25

Is Smiling at a Black Person in an Interview a Racist Microagression?

From the land of we’ve gone off the deep end of political correctness, check this out! Do you suffer from “White Guy” smile? “When you pass a person of color on the street, do you give them the “white guy smile”? Congratulations, you’re racist! If you look at a person of color, you’re racist. If […]

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Jul 15

Recruiting Blocking and Tackling!

This week I was at CareerBuilder’s Empower Roadshow talking with a few hundred Talent Acquisition pros and leaders in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. Great event, great group of pros that were super engaged. I led a panel on tips and tricks for in-the-trenches TA pros and leaders and one of my panelist was Bryan Rice, […]

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Jul 13

Pokemon Go Your Employees To Better Health

I hate posts that just comment on the hottest thing going on in the world. Here’s the thing, I’m the last guy you want to hear some commentary on Black Lives Matter! So, you get Pokemon Go commentary instead! Okay, here’s my take on Black Lives Matter – If you say “All Lives Matter” you’re […]

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Jun 16

5 Instagram Filters That Will Make HR Better at Recruiting!

You know it’s true—you’re a great HR Pro, but you don’t really like to recruit. That’s okay, because you’re good at a million other things your company values. But here’s the thing: A recent Deloitte report outlined the need for HR Pros to grow their skills beyond what our functional area is traditionally known for. […]

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Jun 10

The One Way to be Successful at Recruiting

Eight years or so ago I started seriously writing for the first time in my life. The only other times I ever wrote in my life were school papers, a journal that my high school English teacher, Ms. Kemp, made me write in each day and love letters to my wife before we were married […]

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