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Jun 10

The One Way to be Successful at Recruiting

Eight years or so ago I started seriously writing for the first time in my life. The only other times I ever wrote in my life were school papers, a journal that my high school English teacher, Ms. Kemp, made me write in each day and love letters to my wife before we were married […]

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Mar 10

Who is responsible for the lack of good workers?

It’s parents. First and foremost I blame parents. Parents are the number one reason you can’t find good workers because parents want their kids reach higher than they did. Thus, if Mom or Dad worked in a blue collar profession, they want their kids to look down on that work. It’s subtle. Most parents don’t come […]

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Feb 5

When Keeping It Real, Goes Wrong in HR

You might have seen this recently in the news. Three HR employees at Wyman-Gordon Company decided it would be a good idea to ‘secretly’ videotape and employee they wanted to terminate. Three HR employees who all had Master degrees in HR, and each with five years of HR experience at this specific employer: Three employees […]

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Dec 17

How To Fall In Love With Your Job. Just. Do. This.

A psychologist, Arthur Aron, came up with a way to get to strangers to fall in love with each other.  His research is fascinatingly simple!  It basically comes down to having the two people sit down facing each other, then methodically going through and asking and answering a set of 36 increasingly more intense personal questions. […]

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Sep 24

Can HR out Crazy a Crazy Employee?

In HR we run into employees all the time that do “Crazy” pretty dang good!  I’m always interested in how we work around crazy.  Almost never do we just fire crazy and get rid of it, we tend to keep it around. In fact, we tend to try and fix crazy. I’m not talking about […]

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Sep 17

The Undercover Job Start

I’ve had quite a few friends start new positions in this past year.  It’s exciting to see so many people get great opportunities after living through the recession! One common thing happens to all of these folks. It goes something like this: 1.  Social announcement that they got a new position!  Yay! Congrats! When do […]

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Aug 4

T3 – @Learnkit

This week on T3 I’m reviewing elearning company Learnkit.  Learnkit is a custom elearning agency that, through our unique Learn-cycle pedagogy, produces engaging and enjoyable learning experiences to help organizations and individuals get better, everyday. What does that mean?  They take your old and tired corporate learning materials and make them innovative, cool and fresh.  Learnkit is […]

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