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Apr 29

Corporate Recruiters Don’t Fear Agency Recruiters

Do you believe the title?  It’s common belief, in most Talent and HR circles, that most corporate recruiters fear agency recruiters.  Go ahead and argue if you would like, but it seems a little silly. The reality is, true recruiting professionals don’t fear amateurs. It’s like a really great professional Photographer.  They charge money because […]

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Apr 25

Tattoo Hiring

A tattoo is basically forever. I know, I know, you can get them removed by laser now. But most people don’t go into a tattoo proposition thinking I can’t wait to pay a couple of thousand dollars to get this removed! It’s permanent baby. Like a Sharpie, but better! Most organizations do Tattoo Hiring.  They […]

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Apr 21

Evolving Just In Time Talent

If you’re in the talent/recruitment game you are well aware it’s a Just In Time (JIT) game.  Has been that way since we were called the Personnel Dept. and will be that way for the foreseeable future.  Executives and hiring managers hate this about recruitment.  They think we should have this ‘pipeline’ of great candidates […]

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Apr 2

I Mostly Work For Free

I’m an agency headhunter.  I love this Dilbert comic, it makes me laugh:   The reality is, headhunting, recruiting, etc. can be a very lucrative job. Like most sales jobs, yes it’s a sales job, if you’re any good, you can make really good money. If you’re not good, you starve. The truth about headhunting […]

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Mar 31

Social Recruiting + Infinity

For those who don’t know, I do this little presentation called Social Recruiting MacGyver Style.  I’m doing it in a couple weeks for a thousand HR Pros in Michigan.  I have some fun with it, and poke fun at some of the things we do in our industry with Social Recruiting.  From questions I get, […]

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Mar 26

5 Ways Mobile Recruiting is Morphing Candidate Behavior

From my buddy Kris Dunn at The HR Capitalist and Fistful of Talent – The FOT Webinar Series presents the ins and outs of Mobile Recruiting – check it out!   I love it (I know you do too…) when companies start talking about how they block specific types of websites to prevent employees from […]

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Mar 24

The Only Way To Hire A Recruiter

I’m always on the lookout for a silver bullet to make great recruiter hires! But, I haven’t found one, yet! I’ve met and been around thousands of recruiters in my career, and most have a few similar traits that make them successful at recruiting, think: Self Motivated Ability to drag information out of an individual […]

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Mar 21

The Great Recession Fall out on Talent Acquisition

I have a feeling I’m about to preach to the choir.  I can’t tell you how many conversations I’ve had with a hiring manager lately, that just don’t get it! (I hear you saying “What do you mean “lately” – does a hiring manager “ever” get it!)   The Recession has made our job very hard, […]

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Mar 13

Becoming A Victim Of Can’t

I spoke in Huntsville, Al this week to a group of around 175 HR and Talent Pros for North Alabama SHRM.  It was a fun group. They had a ton of energy and were willing to put up with me and my fast talking northern ways! My wife told me to be more respectful, than […]

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Mar 6

More Resumes vs. Enough Resumes

I work in a world of resumes, where resumes equal solid quality candidates.  I recently met with a client who needed ‘more resumes’, they didn’t have enough quality candidates.  Seems like a simple equation, I just go back to the office and crank up the Resumatic 2000 and BAM, you’ve got ‘more’ resumes.  But those […]

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