Are you ready for TikTok Resumes!?

On episode 73 of The HR Famous Podcast, longtime HR leaders (and friends) Tim SackettKris Dunn, and Jessica Lee come together to discuss weird tactics companies are using to find employees, TikTok resumes, and their reactions to the Olympics!

Show Highlights

2:00 – The whole crew was very into the 2020 Summer Olympics, even though they’re confused on why it’s called 2020 and not 2021. KD is watching the NBC primetime coverage

4:30 – KD wonders why the divers take showers after every dive. JLee tells him that it’s to keep their muscles warm since the pool is so cold. The more you know!

7:00 – Shout out to Katie Ledecky, who’s from JLee’s home area! What a beast.

9:30 – JLee is teaching her children about the Olympics and how they should root for everyone to do well and be happy for all the winners. Great sports life lessons!

11:00 – The majority of the U.S. Olympic team are women. This is the third straight Olympics where women outnumber men for Team USA.

12:15 – JLee asks Tim and KD about the weirdest thing they’ve seen to help with hiring. She saw a Wendy’s that was offering a free meal to do an interview for a job. KD says that the lack of change by some companies has been the oddest thing to him.

15:45 – JLee shouts out Chipotle for hopping on TikTok to ramp up hiring.

17:20 – Tim talks about how Chipotle got an influencer to come in and make a video about her past employment there. He thinks this is a really smart recruitment marketing tactic.

19:30 – JLee talks about an influencer Marriott uses that makes content about being a foster mom of teenage girls.

22:30 – Tim praises TikTok Resumes for being innovative, unlike many other social platforms, but he’s upset that their job-description language is the same traditional, boring descriptions from the past.

27:00 – Tim thinks that smaller brands can have more impact using TikTok for hiring since the bigger brands have more risk involved.

31:30 – JLee asks the crew what they would say if their kids asked if they should do a TikTok resume. Tim says that if a brand is on TikTok Resumes, they should know what they’re getting themselves into.

Are Microsoft’s MyAnalytics Emails Improving Your Productivity?

On episode 71 of The HR Famous Podcast, longtime HR leaders (and friends) Tim SackettKris Dunn, and Jessica Lee come together to discuss when they are most productive, their work habits via Microsoft MyAnalytics Reports, and what those reports say about their wellness levels and work/life balance.

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Show Highlights

2:30 – KD kicks off the episode by asking the crew if they’re more productive in the morning or night. JLee is not a morning person, whereas Tim is the opposite.

6:00 – KD likes to wake up in the morning and read a few chapters. Can you read in the morning, or would you fall asleep?

9:00 – KD tries to unplug once a week and he checks his Microsoft MyAnalytics report to see how good he is at this. The analytics report didn’t seem too impressed with KD’s attempt at “crushing it” since he only had two work-free days in the entire month.

12:00 – These Microsoft reports seem to be telling employees that they have some work to do from a wellbeing perspective due to set “on” and “off” hours.

14:30 – Another statistic KD’s report gave him was that he compromised his “nightly recharge” by working after midnight.

17:30 – JLee thinks that what might work with these reports is managers having conversations with their teams about how to best look at this data and use the insightful parts.

19:00 – Tim turns off his phone at night and wakes up to a manual alarm clock. JLee and KD leave their phones on at night. Do you leave your phone on at night?

22:30 – KD notes that there is no real designation on the platform as “offline,” so it’s giving everyone “online” time during their working hours, even if they’re not being 100% productive.

24:30 – KD’s report said that he gets easily distracted by email and reads 75% of his email within 30 minutes of reading it. The advice it gave him was to think about reading emails only once an hour.

28:00 – Tim and KD read over 1,000 emails a week. JLee says she doesn’t read a lot of emails, and KD notes that that’s only really OK if you’re a leader.

32:00 – KD gives props to Microsoft for giving a shot at giving these kinds of analytics. He doesn’t know if he loves all of this info going to all employees without more context.

How Realistic Is It for Your Entire Company to Take Collective PTO? #SummerShutDown #HRFamous

On episode 70 of The HR Famous Podcast, longtime HR leaders (and friends) Tim SackettKris Dunn, and Jessica Lee come together to discuss the 2021 Summer Olympics, the concept of collective time off and entire companies shutting down, and the lack of women returning to the workforce.

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Show Highlights

2:30 – The Olympics are here! Tim’s wife is Olympic-obsessed and watches anything and everything.

4:00 – KD’s favorite Olympic sports are men’s basketball and the decathlon. He loves seeing some bigger dudes struggling with the run at the very end. Tim is a swimming and track-and-field fan.

6:45 – JLee is more of a winter Olympics fan, but she loves watching archery during the summer. She loves watching the Koreans kick butt in archery at the Olympics.

9:00 – To help combat burnout, companies have started to implement the concept of “collective time off,” where the entire company shuts down. Bumble recently decided to give their entire staff a week off at the same time.

11:00 – KD is skeptical of the concept — calling it Privilege — since a lot of companies cannot afford to let all of their employees take off a day like that.

14:00 – JLee mentions that at her company, Marriott, they cannot afford to give every employee time off since they are a 24/7 operation and that opens them up to controversy and criticism.

17:20 – JLee asks Tim if this can be used as a recruiting tactic. When he was working at Applebee’s, he found himself working an HR job on Black Friday even though there was nothing to do. Then they got a new CEO that changed the mindset not to treat everyone the same.

22:45 – There has been some more data released recently about women in the workforce. JLee mentions how it might not be an option for some women to return to the workforce now. Tim recently found a data point that said there are 2 million people that still have not returned to the workforce.

27:45 – KD thinks this isn’t an issue that HR can fix on its own. It can be a lot of work, but it can be very worthwhile since it’s one of the biggest untapped segments out there.

30:00 – JLee remembers seeing two moms that job-shared and thinking how progressive and seamless it was.

32:00 – Tim mentions how his brother-in-law is a teacher and only took home $10-15k a year after paying for childcare.

Should we be talking politics at work? Is there a benefit to doing that? #HRFamous

In episode 69 of The HR Famous Podcast, longtime HR leaders (and friends) Tim SackettKris Dunn, and Jessica Lee come together to discuss Shopify’s CEO laying a smackdown on workplace politics and how hiring in the post-Covid era is the risky age of the “quick quit.”

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Show Highlights

2:00 – KD (our resident book expert) mentions the book Edge City about suburban areas that become their own cities when they get enough leasable commercial real estate.

5:20 – KD asks the crew what they wear on the Fourth of July. Tim and his family wear the Old Navy flag t-shirts every year.

8:30 – Tim and his wife went to D.C. for the 4th when his wife was pregnant for the first time, and they were not prepared for the madness!

9:30: KD is seeing so much fast churn in the hiring world right now due to the tight job market and heavy hiring right now.

12:30 – JLee is really fascinated by the metrics of a “quick-quit” or a “quick-churn.” She mentions that it’s really important when her company is opening new hotels.

15:30 – Tim mentions how HR treats new employees so roughly and if they’re seasoned employees. This can ruin new hires and make them want to leave.

18:40 – JLee says that onboarding shouldn’t be treated as one person’s job, just like company culture. Everyone plays a role, and everyone needs to be all in.

22:00 – Tim says that a piece of the onboarding issue is relationship-based. Good recruiters can do this well because they are good at building that relationship.

25:00 – Everyone’s favorite topic:politics in the workplace! KD brings up the Canadian company Shopify. Their CEO made a statement saying that the company is not a family but it is a great team. The statement was made to try and tamp down divisiveness on politics within their teams. KD notes that the CEO is left-leaning, had enough of activist employees, and that his guidance was epic.

29:30 – Tim speaks about how if he’s working with someone who is good at their job and giving him what he needs from a team perspective, that’s all that matters to him. He doesn’t have to be friends with everyone he works with.

32:00 – Jessica commends the statement for discussing how there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach for how a company can approach politics and social issues, and everyone will do it for how it fits their culture.

Can You Find Cheaper Talent in the Midwest? #HRFamous

On episode 68 of The HR Famous Podcast, longtime HR leaders (and friends) Tim SackettKris Dunn, and Jessica Lee come together to discuss their new diets for a post-quarantine summer, Apple’s return to work plans, and the managers finding cheaper domestic talent outside of elite/expensive labor markets.

Show Highlights

2:15 – JLee is currently on a vegan kick and she is very hungry.

5:00 – Tim is also trying a new diet for his upcoming family trip to Hawaii for Thanksgiving. He’s seeing some changes so far!

8:00 – KD did 100 pull-ups in the course of 90 minutes and it destroyed him. He said it took five days for his body to recover.

12:00 – One of the movies that cemented JLee’s switch to a more plant-based diet is called Game Changers (on Netflix), and it’s about a UFC fighter who went vegan and had life-changing results.

13:20 – Starting in September, Apple employees will have to return to the office on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. JLee likes that there is some balance but she doesn’t like that there isn’t more flexibility.

18:30 – In juxtaposition to Apple, Facebook has come out and said that they will stay completely virtual for the foreseeable future.

22:00 – A trend we’re seeing in hiring is “offshoring of talent.” Since there are different costs of living in different places, managers are seeing a potential gain from hiring those who live and work in cheaper places.

27:00 – Tim doesn’t think that this is a salary cut across the board but it’s more of a market correction on the places that had extremely high costs.

30:00 – JLee is interested to see if there will be retention or turnover issues post-Labor Day when a lot of companies will start to enact their return-to-work plans.

Naomi Osaka and Mental Health in the Workplace #HRFamous

On episode 67 of The HR Famous Podcast, longtime HR leaders (and friends) Tim SackettKris Dunn, and Jessica Lee come together to discuss Zoom backgrounds, Naomi Osaka and mental health, and LinkedIn’s acquisition of the platform Hopin.

Show Highlights

3:15 – Tim has read that it is healthier not to make your bed. What do we think? It sounds pretty gross.

4:00 – Are we sick of virtual Zoom backgrounds? Tim was bamboozled by someone’s background recently.

7:40 – First topic: Tennis star Naomi Osaka recently refused to partake in press at the French Open due to mental health reasons and later withdrew from the competition. Tim asks the crew whether high-profile people like athletes and celebrities should be forced to do press.

10:30 – JLee thinks that people like Osaka and Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have extenuating circumstances because they are so famous and have such immense pressures that most people cannot understand.

13:00 – KD thinks that a lot of people in the “toughen up” camp have really grown and learned from the normalizing of mental health concerns. However, Naomi is different from the run-of-the-mill employee.

17:30 – JLee thinks it’s important to try to have empathy and grace for what people are going through without always knowing what is going on.

18:30 – KD shares his life during the pandemic where he got too into working and has had to set some boundaries in his personal life for when he can and should be working.

21:00 – Tim is concerned that there is a “mental health trap” where people that are underperforming may use mental health concerns as a faux crutch to explain their poor performance on the job.

23:20 – Naomi Osaka is dating rapper Cordae. Tim quizzes KD and JLee on his music and whether they know any of his songs.

24:30 – LinkedIn recently bought the virtual events platform Hopin. Tim thinks it’s a little clunky and isn’t great from a user experience. JLee is a fan of attending their virtual events, but wants in-person events back!

HR Influencer Lists! Good or Bad? #HRFamous

On episode 66 of The HR Famous Podcast, longtime HR leaders (and friends) Tim SackettKris Dunn, and Jessica Lee come together to discuss the Top 100 HR Tech Influencers of 2021 and whether geriatric millennials are coming to save the world or not!

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Show Highlights

1:00 – JLee is in the D.C. metro area and is currently being overrun by cicadas!

3:00 – JLee, Tim, and KD were all named part of the top 100 HR Tech influencers of 2021! Our podcast has influence!

6:30 – Tim is getting reached out to by not-so-reputable HR tech companies to be on their “top 10 lists,” but he only wants to be on the robust, well-researched lists.

9:45 – JLee doesn’t know if any of the other hundreds of other HR employees at her company know about her being on this list. She asks the crew the question, “Does this event matter?” Tim thinks it’s great for the speaker bio.

15:00 – JLee hasn’t been on lists for awhile but she’s back since starting HR Famous and starting back on the conference circuit. She says that getting back out there has helped her open her eyes and see what else is going on in the world.

18:00 – KD says that he may not get more business from being on this list, but he’s at the company he’s at now because of being out there in the HR space. His last two career opportunities have come from being more active than normal in the HR space. He also considers the HR tech/HR Executive Magazine list to be the gold standard.

19:45 – An article has been going around JLee’s office about “geriatric millennials” and their eagerness to go into a world of hybrid work.

21:00 – What’s a geriatric millennial? They were not digital natives and remember a time before cell phones and other technological advancements. JLee is the resident geriatric millennial of the pod.

23:45 – Geriatric millennials have the ability to go between the online and offline world where older and younger generations may struggle at being online/offline. Also, they have had to learn how to adapt to different digital technologies quickly.

30:00 – KD calls BS on the concept that everyone in a generational slice is going to have impact in the world, noting that high performers throughout time in the 35-to-40 range are always “next up” in the world of work. But not everyone within a certain age group is going to save the world. There will always be high-potential earners in every group, and they’ll rise to create change.

Are Your Executives Addicted to Leadership Porn?

On episode 65 of The HR Famous Podcast, longtime HR leaders (and friends) Tim SackettKris Dunn, and Jessica Lee come together to discuss electric vehicles, leadership porn, and ride-sharing companies ramping up signing bonuses for drivers due to wait times and fares being up significantly.

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Show Highlights

3:00 – KD asks JLee what the first electronic vehicle (EV) she’ll own will be. JLee’s husband wants the Tesla Model Y. Tim wants the Hummer EV Edition 1, but he might have to get it used.

8:00 – First topic: CEO and leadership clickbait! All HR people have seen a leader who will create a big email thread about an article they’ve become obsessed with.

10:00 – This is the CNBC article by Compass CEO Robert Reffkin about five quick tests for hiring. Some of these include the “good person,”, “energy,” and “another offer” test.  KD thinks it’s a hoot and representative of everything that’s wrong with leadership content.

12:30 – Tim thinks that Reffkin sounds like he’s trying to hire a grandmother with some of his rules. Do we really want everyone to live by the golden rule? And how do you freaking figure that out in an interview process?

14:30 – Reffkin discusses in the article how the term “culture fit” can be a disguise for discrimination, then proceeds to add ways he can hire whom he wants with his own, made-up principles.

18:00 – KD says the problem with “leadership porn” is when it gets passed down to the masses who maybe don’t have the experience or expertise to critically look at the lessons getting passed down.

20:30 – Don’t try to match your navy’s folks!

21:30 – Time for the CHRO move of the week! Snap (formally known as Snapchat) hired Darcy Henry as their new CHRO. She was poached from Amazon.

24:00 – If you want an entry-level HR job, try recruiting!

27:00 – Driver shortages are really crushing the ride-share companies like Uber and Lyft as reported by The Verge. KD reports that rid-sharing companies are adding their own stimulus program by way of signing bonuses for drivers.

29:00 – JLee reports that Peter Cappelli says that companies need to stop complaining about the labor shortages because they “broke trust” with workers in his new article. KD acknowledges that JLee is simply reporting what he said, then mocks Cappelli for blaming companies for eroding trust because they had to cut payroll or go out of business because of a global pandemic.

31:30 – Tim says that once the stimulus ends in September, hiring is not going to get magically easier and it’ll still be hard to hire hourly workers.

Apple Fires New Hire Based on Employee Petition

On episode 64 of The HR Famous Podcast, longtime HR leaders (and friends) Tim SackettKris Dunn, and Jessica Lee come together to discuss Apple’s firing of a new employee based on an employee petition. Also: cursing in the workplace.

Listen (click this link if you don’t see the player) and be sure to subscribe, rate, and review (Apple Podcasts) and follow (Spotify)

Show Highlights

1:30 – The whole gang’s back together again!

3:30 – KD is on the recruiting trail for recruiters! He’s learned a lot about the current market, and he says the biggest thing he’s learned is that a lot of recruiters viable recruiting jobs aren’t really that into the world of recruiting.  Many don’t work to create their own professional network, which means they’re just farmers, relying on direct applies.

6:00 – Tim thinks that there isn’t that big of a difference between a recruiter with some experience and a recruiter with a ton of experience that may be getting paid a ton more.

8:20 – When is it OK to swear at work? Shoutout to friend of the pod, Suzanne Lucas, for writing this piece for Inc. about when is it acceptable to drop some F-bombs in the workplace.

10:00 – BTS: KD wouldn’t run Tim’s episode of Best Hire Ever because he swore too much.

12:30 – JLee shares that when Marriott was vetting Tim to come speak, one of the lawyers said that Tim had to watch his cursing.

13:30 – Back in the day, Tim auditioned to do a “kitchen nightmares” type show, but for fixing businesses. The feedback he got was that he needed to curse more.

18:00 – Next topic: Apple terminated Antonio Garcia Martinez, author of Chaos Monkeys, a very successful book. He was fired from a paragraph in his book that some Apple employees found to be misogynist.

22:00 – Tim asks the question, “Do platforms like Slack and Teams give people an opportunity to speak online in ways that they wouldn’t speak in person?”

26:00 – KD thinks that the burden has never been lower and is easy to pile on. KD has read the book and talks about the fact that the book is written in a form of persona by the author. Also, Apple hired AGM even though he wrote a tell-all book on Facebook, which is interesting.

29:00 – KD says that Apple will likely settle with the author for $10 to $15 million, based on the fact they knew about the book, had talked to references about the book, and AGM is now unemployable in tech based on Apple’s actions.

Does “Motherhood” belong on your resume? #HRFamous

On episode 63 of The HR Famous Podcast, long-time HR leaders (and friends) Tim Sackett and Jessica Lee come together to discuss Motherhood On The Resume (MOTR), time off from working, and how being a parent raises your levels of empathy. 

Listen below (click this link if you don’t see the player) and be sure to subscribe, rate, and review (Apple Podcasts) and follow (Spotify)!


2:00 – JLee was out last week because she was vacationing in a tiny house! She wasn’t the biggest fan of it…

4:00 – Have you ever seen anyone put being a parent as an experience on a resume? Tim has seen it a few times for people coming back to work after taking an extended break away to raise a family.

5:30 – There is a new movement to “add mother to your resume” in hopes to destigmatize the duty of being a mother in a workplace environment. 

7:00 – Are you okay with your kids’ calling you by your first name? Tim’s son calls his wife by a nickname that is similar to her first name and she’s alright with that but Jessica thinks it would be weird if her kids’ called her by her name. 

10:00 – Tim thinks that there are going to be lovers and haters regardless if you make a decision like putting “parenthood” on your resume. He says go do it if you want!

14:00 – MOTR: Motherhood On The Resume! Check it out here!

15:00 – JLee came across a viral LinkedIn post about getting asked ‘what you have been doing to occupy your time’ after being laid off. 

16:45 – Tim thinks that it’s a valid question to be asked from a TA perspective because you never know what could be going on in that person’s life, even if it’s in the middle of a recession/pandemic. 

21:00 – JLee asks Tim what’s the longest gap where you’re feeling extra weary. He says he only gives executive employees 12 months of a break on their resume before he gets curious.

24:00 – JLee mentions that empathy training for recruiters and TA pros could be really helpful in order to get honest answers from candidates. 

28:00 – JLee and Tim both note how parenthood has made them more empathetic in job interviews and recruiting settings. 

32:00 – Thanks to JLee and Tim for shouting out my (hi, this is Cam!) first BuzzFeed article. You can check it out here!

—————Jessica Lee, Kris Dunn and Tim Sackett


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