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Feb 27

Labor Unions are Dinosaurs

You already know I’m not a fan of labor unions.  I just don’t see the point to them in today’s society.  They were needed once in our history. They are no longer needed. Employers, for the most part, in today’s information is everywhere world, can’t afford to treat employees bad.  It doesn’t mean that we […]

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Feb 5

Stories from the D: How Loyal are your Employees?

By now almost the entire world has heard the James Robertson story. He is the Detroiter who walked 21 miles to work, one-way.  It sounds like a story your grandparents told you about how they had to walk to 2 miles to school, in the snow, uphill, both ways!  The difference is, this story is […]

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Jan 28

HR and Snow Days

Based upon the ‘historic’ snow storm on the east coast this past week, I pulled one from the archives on my feelings about how HR should handle snow days. Enjoy. Look I get it.  I have 3 sons and Snow Days are a big deal…if you’re 10!   So, if you’re an HR Pro, right about […]

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Jan 22

HR Can Learn From Target’s Failure in Canada

If you haven’t heard, America’s darling department store chain Target, failed miserably in Canada and will soon close all of it’s locations in Canada.  I like Target.  I like Target way more than I like Walmart.  Target is more expensive, but I think they offer a better product selection, with higher quality, in an environment […]

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Dec 12

How to Hire a Hustler

Hustle: (via Marriam-Webster) “to sell or promote energetically and aggressively”. Hustle: (via Urban Dictionary) “Anything you need to do to make money”. Hustle: (via Sackett) “Getting sh*t done with a smile”. I’ve been thinking a lot lately on what really makes someone successful.  I know folks who are completely brilliant, in a way most of […]

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Oct 1

I’m Hiring! Are you sure you want to work for me?

Okay, I’m adding a Recruiter to my team.  At, we do mostly engineering and IT contract recruiting, some direct placement recruiting and some project RPO work for clients around the country. I would put my team up against anyone.  They’re that good, and most are homegrown!  That’s right, the majority of our staff came […]

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Sep 26

The Crappy Job Badge of Honor

As some of you may have realized from recent posts (Wanted: People Who Aren’t Stupid), I’ve been interviewing candidates recently for the position of Technical Recruiter working for my company HRU. I love interviewing because each time I interview I think I’ve discovered a better way to do it, or something new I should be […]

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Sep 18

Recruiters! Conferences Don’t Care About You!

I’m down at ERE’s Fall Conference in Chicago this week.  It’s a conference designed for Talent Acquistion leaders (FYI – they don’t like to be called ‘Recruiters’).  It’s really cool the folks at ERE do a great job putting together great content and work to push the role of Talent Acquisition forward in organizations around […]

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Sep 10

Fear Can Create Sustainable Success

I’ve been told that fear can only create short-term success.  That’s a lie. You see I grew up with a single mom.  She probably didn’t sleep most nights, and the nights she did it was probably helped by a glass of cheap boxed wine.  She had a mortgage and she had two kids to feed. […]

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Aug 27

Riding The School Bus

It’s that time of year when parents and kids make a big decision, to ride or not ride the school bus! From the Project archives. I read a very funny quote today from a comedian, Jenny Johnson, which she said “If you rode the school bus as a kid, your parents hated you.” It made me […]

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