The Recruitment Fix

Almost weekly I get asked by Talent Acquisition leaders for answers to questions on how to make their department better and more effective.  It’s never an easy answer because there are literally hundreds of variables at play.  What I know is that given some time to understand your business and your team, I can make a positive difference to measurable outcomes when it comes to delivering talent to your organization.

So, what is the Recruitment Fix?  

A Recruitment Fix is a goal, a plan, a diagnostic, a vision, it’s where you want your talent acquisition team to be in the future! Here’s an alternate title that you can tell your purchasing people: “A Competitive Corporate Talent Acquisition Best Practice Audit, Review, and Transformation Strategy“.  Purchasing people love that title.  They don’t like “Recruitment Fix”.

I. It’s 2 Days onsite at your organization with your Talent Acquisition Team, in-person (ideally) but also this can be done in a hybrid modelRevolution PicYou’ve got me for two days, plan on working late!

A.  An extensive evaluation of your TA processes and practices.  I find it hard for most leaders to see the forest through the trees.  Having a third-party set of eyes come in and analyze what you’re doing from the inside, always gives us a great insight into what we could be doing differently.

B. Competitive market assessment and analysis within your industry. What is your competition doing, and how can you use that to your advantage.

C. One-on-one executive review and debrief, that includes best practice recommendations on revolutionizing your Talent Acquisition Dept. I hesitate to use the term ‘best practices’ because my hope is to give you something beyond best practice, something new, energizing, and revolutionary to your industry.

II. 12 Months of Talent Acquisition personal leadership team coaching. Goal setting and follow up.  2 days is a good start to getting you to where you want to be, but I found it best if you have someone on your side for an extended period of time.  There will be questions that come up, trying times, and the need for more information.

III. Annual metric review of performance changes. If you don’t improve, it’s hard to justify why you made the change.  Let’s prove this right away.

My goal is not to make you rely on me to deliver the next answer, but to give you the tools and knowledge to drive your own next-generation Talent Acquisition department.

What’s the Cost?

Depends on what you actually need – probably in the $5-10,000 range.  Plus travel for the onsite visit.  It’s less than 1/2 of one headhunting placement.  If you’re looking for my help, I’m sure you’re paying headhunting fees.  I’m a better deal and give more than a 90-day guarantee!  Don’t want to pay $10,000, let’s talk, I love to negotiate!

Interested in finding out more?

Contact me to set up an initial call to discuss and determine if what I got, is what you need.


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