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Feb 20

What I’ve Learned in a Half Century of Living on this Planet

2-20-2020 Seems like the number people feel like this is some special birthday for me. It’s my 50th. Ugh, that’s hard to type. 50 seems so fucking old! When I was in college, 50 seemed like a lifetime away and now that I’m here, I don’t feel 50. I actually wasn’t going to write this. […]

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Feb 19

The HR Famous podcast – E2 is Live! Workplace Dating & Hookups!

NOTE FROM Tim: Here’s a new podcast from me, Kris Dunn, and Jessica Lee called “The HR Famous Podcast”. Take a listen and we’ll be back on a weekly basis. See the player below (email subscribers click through if you don’t see it), and please hit iTunes, Spotify and Google Play to subscribe so you get notified whenever there’s […]

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Feb 18

Transform Recruitment Marketing Conference – June in Boston!

June 2-4, 2020 the Transform Recruitment Marketing conference will be back in Boston, and I will again be the Emcee for this event! You can use the code “TIMROCKS” for a 10% discount to the conference! I’ve been a part of Transform from the beginning, I believe this is the fifth Transform. All I know […]

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Feb 17

Navarro Cheer Coach, @MonicaAldama, is the Greatest Leader of our Time!

If you haven’t watched the series, Cheer, on Netflix yet, you must! It’s great. Honestly, I wasn’t thrilled to watch a series about cheerleading. Just not something I thought I would be interested in, but it’s so much more than a show about cheerleading. It’s about getting to great performance, about inclusion, about leadership, and […]

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Feb 14

The 3 Rules for Kissing Your Boss on Valentine’s Day!

May 20, 2013, I published a silly little post on my blog called “The Rules About Hugging at Work”. The post might have taken me twenty minutes to write. It was just an idea I got, like thousands of others, I thought it was funny, so I wrote about it. To date, it’s been read […]

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Feb 12

Your Weekly Dose of HR Tech: @Talkpush #HRTech

This week on The Weekly Dose I revisit a recruiting technology called Talkpush that I originally took a look 5 years ago! Guess what? Quite a few things changed in five years! Talkpush, now, is the Recruitment Automation Platform that makes hiring conversations happen faster and more naturally. Talkpush is also a tool for high […]

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Feb 11

HR Famous! The Podcast is now Live! Episode 1

I’ve personally been on nearly 100 different podcasts as a guest! I get asked, and I’m like, yeah! Let’s do this! I mean who doesn’t want to hear me on a podcast!? For years, I’ve been told by folks, “you should start a podcast!” But, like every great HR Pro, I wanted to wait to […]

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Feb 10

Compromise Kills Innovation!

The most innovative leaders of our time were mostly assholes. Why? They refused to budge on their idea. Everything in their body told them what needed to be done to make their idea happen, and they refused to compromise on even the smallest details. This is how greatness happens. True change only happens when someone […]

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Feb 7

The Top 5 Gifts to Get that Special Someone at the Office for Valentine’s Day!

Let’s get creepy today! Remember back when you were in elementary school and your mom or dad would take you to the store and you would pick out your box of Valentine’s to give out at school? You had to make one of those little ‘mailboxes’ out of shoebox so everyone in your class could […]

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Feb 6

Just Do Your Damn Job, Timmy!

It seems like frustration is at an all-time high. On a daily basis people are coming unglued over things they have no control over, and never will. We are told to be more empathetic. We are told our employees need us to be “X”. You fill in the “X” because it changes pretty much article […]

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