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Who am I? I’m a 20 year HR/Recruiting Talent Pro with a Master’s in HR and SPHR certification, currently residing in Lansing, MI.  Currently the President at HRU Technical Resources – a $40M IT and Engineering contract staffing firm and RPO.  Prior to joining HRU, I was the Director of Employment at Sparrow Health System, Regional HR and Staffing Director with Applebee’s Intl., Retail Health Recruiting Manager and Regional HR Mgr. with ShopKo Stores and Pamida respectively.  I’ve split my career half between recruiting and half between HR generalist roles – also split half between the HR vendor community and Corporate America – So, I think I get it from both sides of the desk.

As a HR/Talent Pro I really believe the most important thing an organization can do is increase it’s core talent base.  It’s the one delieverable that HR truly controls that can have an extreme bottom-line impact to your organization.  That’s not to say that other functional HR competencies aren’t important, but organizations expect us to deliver those things – they don’t always expect us to deliver superior talent – competitive landscape changing talent – holy crap I better pick up my game type talent.  This gets noticed – this adds value – this gets your voice heard.

I started ‘The Project’ so I could get some of this worthless stuff rattling around in my head, out.  It’s my therapy.  I’m probably going to write some stuff you won’t agree with.  15 minutes after I write it, I might not agree with it — but it’s staying.  I love working in HR and Recruiting, and I love making fun of all the crazy stuff we do.  I’m terrible at grammar.  I’m probably not really that bad at grammar, it’s just that I write so fast and I’m too cheap to pay an editor.  That makes for a bad combination.

At the end of the day, I’m a husband first, a father second and a business leader third — although depending on the day they don’t always seem to be in that order — so, I try harder the next day to make that so.


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