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  • Does Technology Have an Impact to a Great Employee Experience? @PwCAdvisory

    Dec 14

    We’ve been told for at least two decades that the key to a great employee experience is what? 99% of answered probably one of two things: 1. Working for a great leader. or 2. Having a best friend at work. The reality is, the true key of a great employee experience is probably farther down […]

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  • The 2018 Emerging Jobs Report is Here!

    Dec 13

    LinkedIn released their 2018 Emerging Jobs Report today and as always it’s packed full of some great information that speaks to where we see the world of Recruiting today, but also what we need to keep our eye for the future!  So, what stood out in the latest report? First and foremost it’s what jobs […]

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  • Can we talk about the Kevin Hart Academy Award thing!?

    Dec 12

    If you haven’t seen or heard, comedian Kevin Hart was asked to host the Oscars. It’s a big deal for an entertainer to get that gig, 25-30 million viewers big! After it was announced, some news outlets ran some stories about some homophobic tweets that Kevin did in 2009, 2010, and 2012. The tweets are […]

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