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Apr 4

3 Ways To Change Your Life, Overnight!

Yo!  I’m on vacation for the next week.  Instead of writing I’m gong to run old posts that no one read, but I thought were brilliant.  That’s the hard part because I think everything I write is brilliant.  Some of the stuff really gets well read, and some of the stuff just sits there and […]

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Mar 21

The Great Recession Fall out on Talent Acquisition

I have a feeling I’m about to preach to the choir.  I can’t tell you how many conversations I’ve had with a hiring manager lately, that just don’t get it! (I hear you saying “What do you mean “lately” – does a hiring manager “ever” get it!)   The Recession has made our job very hard, […]

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Jan 28

Bad Hires Worse

I wrote this 2 years ago.  It still rings true.  I still need to be reminded of this.  I still run into examples of this monthly. Enjoy. If I could take all of my HR education, My SPHR and 20 years of experience and boil it down to this one piece of advice, it would […]

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Jan 15

Burning Down Your HR Department

This post originally ran in January of 2012.  I liked it, and still like it today.  Many of us are looking to kick off 2014 with a fresh approach.  Read this, it might save you some time in the upcoming year!  Enjoy. A couple of years ago my parents house burned down.  They were away […]

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Jan 3

7 Sure Fire Ways to Fail as an HR Leader

It’s tough being an HR Leader these days!  You have all these boomers retiring and taking their typewriters and knowledge with them, you have all theses X’ers who think they are now the second coming, the GenY’s and the Millennial’s who have been told they are the second coming, and now we have these Generation […]

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Dec 20

Hire More Pretty People

This post originally ran in January of 2012, and in one of the most read posts I’ve done.  It as so popular, Kris Dunn, stole the idea, tweaked it, and made it his most downloaded whitepaper in Kinetix history!  You’re Welcome, KD.  After 2 years, I still find this concept has merit! It’s also very […]

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Dec 13

Riding the School Bus made me Tough!

Re-run Friday – this post originally ran in January of 2011.  I still find Jenny Johnson one of the funniest people on Twitter and Instagram, check her out, she’s brilliantly funny. Also, my kids still hate the school bus! I read a very funny quote today from a comedian, Jenny Johnson, which she said “If […]

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Dec 6

I’m In Love With Old Employees

Re-run Friday, this post originally ran in December 2011.  My Dad is now 72, still working, still letting people know what he thinks unfiltered.  I’m hoping he’ll finally retire in the coming months, but I’m doubtful that will happen!  Enjoy. I’ve recently got to spend some time with my Dad – he’s 70.  I use […]

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Nov 29

5 Things to do at work the day after Thanksgiving

The Friday after the Thanksgiving holiday has to be the most useless day of work ever.  I know many folks who still don’t get this off as a holiday, and either have to burn vacation or burn PTO to get this day off paid – obviously not including all of those folks who work in […]

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Nov 22

HR’s Guide To White People

Rerun Friday – this post originally ran in December 2011 and was read by 14 people. Enjoy… I had a conversation this past week with an author looking for a quote from me on some diversity topics, and since I’m in HR, well, of course I’m finely suited to talk diversity.  Here’s what I found […]

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