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Nov 15

5 Steps To Kicking A Twinkie Habit

Rerun Friday – adapted from a post originally ran on The Project in December 2011. Enjoy. I was reminded last night that success doesn’t just come to you, and it might not necessarily be about hard work and attitude – like your Dad would always say.  To often we (the collective lot of us!) want […]

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Nov 8

12 Things Happy HR People Do Differently

I always like to surround myself with happy, positive people – I have enough pragmatism for us all! – you should see the people I work with – it’s like one big happy convention everyday at work.  Which is great for pick-me-ups, not so great if you’re just having a bad day and need to […]

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Nov 1

My Favorite HR Mistake

I’ve made more mistakes in my HR career than I care to even remember – I could probably write a book! It’s funny to think about your mistakes, because I think invariably every person takes those mistakes and tries to turn them into some type of “learning”.   It’s a classic interview question – so, […]

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Oct 25

7 Hard Truths That HR Must Learn To Accept

In a perfect world we all get a seat at the table,  all of our employees go online and fill out their open enrollment forms on time, and all of our hiring manager give us immediate feedback on each candidate resume we send them.  Unfortunately, none of us live in a perfect world, there are […]

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