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Aug 27

You’re Uninvited!

I’m not terminating anyone ever again. I can’t terminate anyone, because I don’t hire anyone.  I do invite people to join me.  Join me on this journey, on this path. It’s going to be a great trip.  I invite them to be a part of my family.  Not my ‘work’ family, but my actual family.  […]

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Feb 6

The Super Bowl Should be on Saturday: An Employer’s Plea

So, it’s the Monday after Super Bowl and 15% of your employees didn’t show up. As HR professionals we are not shocked by this, it happens every year after the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl has become an unofficial national holiday. You don’t even have to like the teams playing to want to go to […]

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Feb 5

When Keeping It Real, Goes Wrong in HR

You might have seen this recently in the news. Three HR employees at Wyman-Gordon Company decided it would be a good idea to ‘secretly’ videotape and employee they wanted to terminate. Three HR employees who all had Master degrees in HR, and each with five years of HR experience at this specific employer: Three employees […]

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Feb 1

Would You Fire Your Top Performer for Punching Another Employee?

The world of the NBA brings us the real live HR Game Show – What Would You Do? I know most of you could care less about professional basketball, and I promise, this post isn’t about basketball. In case you didn’t hear last week, Los Angles Clippers Allstar, Blake Griffin, punched an equipment manager of […]

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Nov 4

You’re Not Bill Simmons!

On Friday, right before the end of the business day, ESPN announced that it was shutting down its very popular site Grantland.  Grantland was a site started by sports author Bill Simmons, and it was purchased by ESPN a few years ago and Bill came over to ESPN to continue to run it successfully. Bill […]

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Sep 21

What is your Organizational Expiration Date?

We got home from vacation recently and like most families we were foraging through the cupboards and refrigerator to make dinner our first night back home.  I poured some milk for my son, and he asked me “is that milk alright?” Like somehow I hadn’t considered its feelings, but he mostly meant was it still […]

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Sep 2

What if a drug could save your career? Would you take it?

It seems like daily we are bombarded by stories coming out in the media of professional athletes who are caught taking performance enhancing drugs.  They risk their entire career by taking these drugs and getting caught. This week and next NFL teams will cut down their rosters, and many players will lose the one job […]

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May 11

You’ll Never Forget Your First Time

I was twenty-six years old.  At the time, I was living in Michigan and working in my first job right out of college.  I had been doing pretty well for myself and began moving up in the company. I had just got put into a position where I had a couple of people reporting to […]

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Jan 7

What do you want to hear?

I think I might be on the cusp of the next great employee feedback mechanism for leadership.  I’ve been thinking about this concept for a long while. You see, for years I’ve had the opportunity to test out my various theories on employee feedback.  I’ve watched my own feedback theories change over the years, but […]

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Dec 31

11 Rules for Hugging at Work + 2 more

It’s the holidays, so I’m running some “Best of” posts from the past. This is my all-time most read post. Enjoy. I had 2 more rules just for you! Hello. My name is Tim Sackett, and I’m a hugger.   Being a hugger can make for some awkward moments – what if the other person isn’t […]

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