Zoom-free Fridays and if You Want to Work for Biden, Stop Smoking Pot! #HRFamous

On episode 56 of The HR Famous Podcast, longtime HR leaders (and friends) Tim SackettKris Dunn, and Jessica Lee come together again to discuss Gen-X references, Zoom-free Fridays, and White House staffers getting fired for marijuana use.

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Show Highlights:

3:30 – Do you get upset when your Millennial and Gen-Z references don’t get your Gen-X references?

7:00 – First topic of the pod: Citigroup CEO has called for Zoom-free Fridays and a new bank holiday due to pandemic fatigue. JLee says she’d rather have Zoom calls instead of regular conference calls.

10:00 – KD says that Friday is not the best day to do Zoom free because Friday is already light on meetings. KD wants Zoom-free Thursday. What day do you think is best?

13:40 – When Tim thinks no-meeting Fridays, he thinks “I’m going on vacation early” Fridays.

16:30 – A team in JLee’s office has a policy where if they do a traditional conference call, everyone on the team has to be doing something active during that call in order to promote wellness.

17:45 – Citi is doing a new holiday called “Citi Reset Day.” KD thinks that the new CEO is trying to win the approval of the bank’s employees.

19:30 – Next topic: A few White House staffers were fired due to their usage of marijuana. Tim thinks it’s a little ridiculous for the White House to have a never-done-drugs policy for employees.

24:00 –  JLee thinks it’s impractical from a hiring perspective to expect all of your employees to not have a history with marijuana, especially when it’s legal in many places in the U.S. now.

26:00 – KD thinks it’s OK for people serving in the White House not to have backgrounds or positive tests with pot, but that it was sloppy on the Biden administration for not being completely transparent and upfront with their employees.

29:00 – KD’s son wants to work for a defense contractor and he’s been told not to go abroad to get that security clearance. So he won’t go!

Can Being Vulnerable at Work Hurt Your Career? #HRFamous

In episode 55 of The HR Famous Podcast, longtime HR leaders (and friends) Tim SackettKris Dunn, and Jessica Lee come together again to discuss big sisters, vulnerability in the workplace, and what the best question is to ask someone if you’re looking for negative information on a candidate.

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Show Highlights:

4:00 – JLee has two kids: an older daughter and a younger son. JLee’s daughter has got to set a good example for her brother!

5:00 – KD asks Tim what’s the worst injury his big sister inflicted on him. He tells a story about how she almost burned the house down!

7:30 – Next topic: vulnerability in the workplace! An article about Brene Brown’s stance on vulnerability came out in Inc.

11:00 – Tim thinks you have to draw the line when an employee comes to a manager and says they don’t think a person can fulfill their duties.

14:40 – KD thinks some people will use certain talk points and be more vulnerable than they actually should be.

16:30 – JLee likes Brene Brown’s points on vulnerability guard rails and how there is a need for boundaries in this regard.

18:00 – What are some things that cross the boundaries of workplace vulnerability? JLee thinks it’s best, to be honest about what’s going on especially while working from home.

21:55 – “In hard times you can’t ignore hard times.” — Tim

24:00 – Tim mentions that his wife knows he’s off before he knows he’s off. He asks the crew if it’s the same with their spouses.

27:00 – How do we best extract negative information from candidates? KD asks JLee what the best question to net negative info when interviewing candidates.

Who will win the Chicken Sandwich War? And why is #HRFamous Talking About this!?

On episode 54 of the HR Famous Podcast, longtime HR leaders (and friends) Tim SackettKris Dunn, and Jessica Lee come together again to discuss the chicken sandwich wars, 2021 compensation trends, and Meghan Markle calling the royal family’s HR department.

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Show Highlights:

3:30 – Is the Ford Pinto making a comeback?

5:30 – Who has been keeping up with the chicken sandwich wars? McDonald’s has entered the race against Chick-fil-A and Popeye’s to see who has the best-fried chicken sandwich. Who do you think is going to win the war?

8:30 – JLee wants to enter Wendy’s Spicy Chicken Sandwich into the race for best fast-food chicken sandwich. Tim thinks it’s a solid entry.

11:30 – KD asked JLee when was the last time that she taught her kids a life lesson? She’s just trying to teach her young children to put their dirty clothes in the hamper.

15:20 – Next topic of the pod: compensation. An article came out recently about the trends of compensation and pay in 2021 and what employees think will happen.

17:00 – JLee thinks that those companies that haven’t made a statement about geographic locations and compensation leave it open for them to call all employees back to the office eventually. She thinks that WFH is not really here to stay.

21:30 – The article reported that only 83% of respondent’s spouses know how much they make. Tim thinks that number is very low.

27:45 – Tim asks the crew what job Prince Harry would do best at. JLee thinks he’ll take an entrepreneurial route in the mental health space. KD thinks he’ll be a host at a mid-tier steakhouse in the burbs. Tim will hire Harry to be a recruiter because Americans love a British accent.

30:45 – KD watched some of Netflix’s The Crown. KD thinks that the situations in The Crown and the people being portrayed are very inconsequential in the terms of history.

32:15 – One of the big takeaways from the Meghan Markle/Prince Harry and Oprah interview is that Meghan went to the royal family’s HR department to receive mental health help.

36:00 – Tim recently had his 100th Peloton ride. JLee joined him for his century club ride and helped him reach his record. They ended up tying! Accidentally, his son Cameron did his 100th ride. Sorry Dad!

Can a Mid to Large Size Company Work Without an HR Department? #HRFamous

In episode 53 of The HR Famous Podcast, long-time HR leaders (and friends) Tim Sackett and Jessica Lee discuss BTS, companies without HR departments, and whether the new Covid-19 bill will affect employment in the service industry.

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Show Highlights:

2:00 – Just JLee and Tim today! KD is out for this episode.

3:15 – JLee and her family have become a part of the BTS Army. BTS is a K-Pop group that has taken over the world.

6:00 – Tim loves that JLee is very tied to her Korean culture and instills that pride and love in her children. He mentions an article that discusses Norwegian families raising Korean children and discusses the nature vs. nurture argument in that context.

8:00 – Tim brings up how the article examines the racial aspect of coming into a homogenous culture and trying to succeed with all the advantages your family can give you.

10:00 – Next topic: The CEO of UK startup Octopus Energy says he has no interest in having traditional business departments like HR. His company is worth over a billion pounds.

12:20 – Tim asks, “What we do without HR”? Well, Tim discovered that this company actually does have job openings in HR/IT-adjacent roles but he couldn’t find any hard HR or recruiting roles.

14:15 – JLee thinks that he’s gotta be outsourcing things like HR to other agencies or companies.

16:15 – Tim was on vacation this past week and read the book The Hard Thing About Hard Things by Ben Horowitz. He said he hired a recruiter after only having nine employees for his company.

17:30 – Tim asks JLee if the newly passed Covid-19 stimulus bill will affect people wanting to go back to work in the service industry. JLee says she understands why people would not want to go back to working at restaurants or other service-type places because a lot of the draws of working there are now gone.

19:00 – JLee shares a story about going to lunch at a restaurant only the second time in the past year recently and how she felt very awkward there and didn’t know what to do while in the restaurant.

23:00 – Tim recently went to dinner and a movie for his birthday and he noticed that the business was understaffed. He wonders when people will start to return to the mentality of getting frustrated by long waits and lines.

25:20 – What’s there not to like about Koreans? Here is Time Entertainer of the Year BTS!

One Year of #HRFamous! Take a Behind the Scenes Look with the Crew!

On episode 52 of The HR Famous Podcast, long-time HR leaders (and friends) Tim SackettKris Dunn, and Jessica Lee come together again to discuss the one-year anniversary of the podcast! Get a behind-the-scenes look at the first year of HR Famous.

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Show Highlights:

3:00 – Who do you think of when you think of “veteran hire”?  The gang has automatic comparisons to movies.

6:00 – It’s our one-year anniversary! Episode 52 marks a year of HR Famous. We can’t believe it!

8:00 – What percentage of the podcasts have you listened to? JLee has listened to them all, and KD has listened to about 70%.

8:40 – Time for a look behind the scenes of HR Famous. Tim says that they often have pre-podcast chats that might get them canceled.

11:30 – Tim asked the crew what they’ve learned from doing the pod. JLee says that she has to trust herself to wing it and she doesn’t always have to have a super-well-thought-out point of view.

13:30 – Do you listen to the podcast and read Tim’s, KD’s, and JLee’s writing? Tim has found that there’s not as much crossover as you’d think.

17:45 – Would you believe that the only person who’s cried on the podcast is KD? Tears of joy but still tears nonetheless.

20:00 – The podcast started out with the intention of being a little bit more fun but because of when the podcast started, the topics were more serious and timely.

21:45 – There is a lost episode! JLee describes the second or third episode where they discussed periods in the workplace.

24:30 – Tim always thought that he was late to the podcast gang. During the pandemic, there was a massive rise in podcasts, and now everyone and their brother has a podcast!

27:00 – Shoutout to our amazing guests! We love you Dawn, Laurie, Cameron, and all our other awesome pod friends!

28:00 – JLee was KD’s first editor at Fistful of Talent and so they have a long history together. Tim and JLee have just gotten closer in the last few years.

32:30 – KD asks JLee if she ever is drawn to certain things because she’s not getting enough feedback in her life.

36:00 – KD asks JLee what she wishes she knew before doing the podcast with Tim and himself. She says she didn’t know she’d have so much fun and she didn’t know how much of a difference a good microphone could make.

42:00 – JLee hopes that listeners of the podcast give some grace to the crew because a lot of the topics of the past year were really difficult and nuanced.

Can your employees wear “Trump” masks? What about “BLM” masks? #HRFamous

On episode 51 of The HR Famous Podcast, long-time HR leaders (and friends) Tim SackettKris Dunn, and Jessica Lee come together to discuss what will be appropriate to wear to the office in the future, Whole Foods’ company culture, and the new jobs sprung by the pandemic, including “Head of Remote.”

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Show Highlights:

2:00 – The triple Timmy touch is out to play today!

4:45 – Are we going to expect our employees post-pandemic to return to formal workwear? Tim thinks that more formal dress will come back naturally.

8:30 – Tim thinks that his outfits are all about the shoes. He’s also anti-tights in the office for all people.

11:00 – KD thinks that what is office appropriate also depends on what people can afford. Oftentimes we approve of the higher-end leisurewear but not the cheaper versions of the same product.

13:15 – Whole Foods was brought into court recently for reprimanding employees who wore face masks with Black Lives Matter logos on them.

14:30 – Tim thinks that Whole Foods will come to the conclusion that they need to give everyone the same face mask for uniformity. He sees this as a customer-service issue since customers need to be able to quickly and easily identify employees in the store.

17:30 – JLee brings up how Whole Foods has always had a strong people-centric culture and she thinks this is a shift for them from a culture perspective. The company has grown and is now a part of Amazon and they’re not as small as they once were.

19:30 – KD mentions that the Whole Foods near him in Birmingham is close to the Amazon distribution center that is currently voting on if they want to bring in a union.

22:00 – Do you feel guilty using Amazon’s one-day shipping? KD feels some guilt but JLee doesn’t feel any.

23:45 – Does your family have a shared Amazon Prime account? Tim’s family shares an Amazon account and he finds himself accidentally purchasing stuff that his kids put in the cart.

27:00 – JLee recently saw a job title that reads “Head of Remote.” She asks Tim and KD what they think the responsibilities of this job are.

30:15 – KD thinks this position sounds like a senior director of HR. The crew thinks it probably reports up to a CHRO.

31:30 – KD tells the tale of the flavored water machine in his office that arrived right before the pandemic hit. The machine displays the environmental impact and sadly they haven’t saved many trees since no one has been using it!

Netflix Inclusion Report & @hirevue Facial Recognition #HRFamous

On episode 50 of The HR Famous Podcast, long-time HR leaders (and friends) Tim SackettKris Dunn, and Jessica Lee come together once again to discuss Netflix’s 2021 inclusion report, facial recognition software in interviewing, and the scam psychic that’s terrorizing JLee’s neighborhood!

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Show Highlights:

2:20 – Do you know where the DMV area is? That’s where JLee says she is from when asked.

3:00. – Jlee has a scam psychic in her neighborhood and everyone is activating their Ring doorbell to find out who it is. Discussion of psychics naturally follows.

6:30 – KD asks Tim how frustrated he gets when people in his inner circle don’t share his passion for his favorite streaming shows/movies. The gang agrees there should be codes where you can force someone to watch a show a limited number of times per year.

10:00 – Netflix released their first-ever inclusion report in mid-January. KD addresses it as a masterstroke in communication and controlling the narrative in HR comms. They announced that women make up half of their workforce, even in leadership and executive roles.

12:00 – JLee thinks Netflix is doing good work in the DEI space. She cites a webinar they hosted about being black in HR and how it felt authentic and not too sales-y.

14:30 – Tim says that demographic data are very important in controlling the narrative they want to spin.

18:20 – Tim poses the question “do we know that Netflix is good for women”? He doesn’t think they are a tech company so the numbers could be low for the entertainment/media industry.

21:00 – KD brings up how they led with their best numbers when discussing their numbers on race and ethnicity that came later in the report.  He allows notes that the data they did provide in charts is hard to follow compared with the numerical data in tabs that companies like Google provided.

26:00 – KD asks JLee how she feels about the accuracy of facial recognition. She gets annoyed when her phone doesn’t recognize her face in the morning sometimes.

27:30 – Hirevue just discontinued facial recognition as a sorting feature in video interviewing. They felt that this feature could help give a better pool of candidates than without, but it started to raise some issues, namely the world crushing people for features like this without apology.

31:00 – Tim thinks the technology worked too well and that scared away many companies. There were just some concerns that the facial recognition software would raise some physical-attribute-related issues. KD wonders aloud how well the tech actually worked, and a discussion of whether facial tics and frowns was a knockout feature or note ensues.

34:00 – Did you love the button at the bottom of old iPhone models? Tim misses his button on his newer iPhone.

Do Reference Checks Matter: The Argument! #HRFamous

On episode 49 of The HR Famous Podcast, long-time HR leaders (and friends) Tim SackettKris Dunn, and Jessica Lee come together once again to discuss the importance of reference checks and a $15 minimum wage.

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Show Highlights:

2:00 – Tim recently discovered that some millennial marketers didn’t know who Gary V was. Do the millennials and Gen-Z of your life know Gary V?

5:45 – Tim posted a blog post last week titled “You’re an Idiot If You Still Check References!” that got a lot of comments. He thinks it’s a huge waste of time because the references won’t say anything negative about the candidate (typically).

8:45 – JLee’s issue with reference checks is that they’re just not being done well and with the care and effort they need.

10:00 – KD agrees with JLee and thinks that reference checkers need to be set up to find negative information from the references. Otherwise, they’re not doing their job.

12:00 – Tim wants to ask the question to hiring managers, “When was the last time you rescinded an offer based off of a bad reference check?” He says that it never happens.

15:00 – KD thinks that the issue isn’t as big as Tim is making it. He thinks the issue isn’t the practice but how the practice is being done.

17:00 – JLee thinks it’s important that the right person is asking the questions in a reference check instead of someone that isn’t trained in the practice.

20:00 – Tim still thinks that no one is taking the time to actually do this the right way. He thinks that if we’re not going to do it right, why do it at all.

22:30 – It’s Tim vs. KD/JLee in this fight! KD asks Tim if he makes calls to check out someone before hiring them. Tim avoids the question.

23:00 – Next topic of the episode: President Biden put an executive order in place to pave the way to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour.

24:45 – KD thinks that they mostly are fans of a living wage but that means different amounts in different regions of the country.

26:00 – Tim thinks this isn’t a political issue, but it’s been co-opted as a political issue because of the research that has come out on both sides of an issue.

28:30 – KD notes that most companies with primarily professional class workforces don’t have an issue with a $15 minimum wage. He also notes that people aren’t thinking about compression within the job market as much as they need to when being OK with a big increase in the minimum wage.

31:45 – JLee mentions her experience working at McDonald’s and how some older people worked there to support families but she was only doing it as a part-time gig in high school.

How do you go to the bathroom during a Zoom conference call? #HRFamous

Traditionally, this is a very common and easy scenario. You’re in a conference room meeting, you need to use the restroom, like a freaking adult, you just stand up and quietly walk out of the conference room and do your business. Today, you’re on a Zoom conference, at home, what do you do?!

In episode 48 of The HR Famous Podcast, long-time HR leaders (and friends) Tim SackettKris Dunn, and Jessica Lee come together once again to discuss having to go to the bathroom during a video call, fake commute routines, and what to do for a one year WFH anniversary!

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Show Highlights:

3:20 – JLee tells the crew that her sister was born in Michigan, where Tim lives.  She can’t remember where in the state she was born, so we’re going to need an update on that!

5:45 – JLee brings up the Air Force One’s appearance at the inauguration a few weeks ago. Tim says that those shoes went for $5,000 on StockX!

6:30 – First topic of the episode: You’re on a Zoom call and you have to go to the bathroom. What are you supposed to do?

7:30 – KD thinks best practices are having all cameras on, but that complicates the bathroom issue.

10:00 – JLee sometimes gets ready for the day in the bathroom while on a video call. Can you hear the echo from people that get ready in the bathroom?

12:00 – Are you experiencing Zoom fatigue? Tim thinks it’s B.S. because there are just as many calls as before but some were not video. KD thinks that the number of video calls has declined since the earlier days of the pandemic.

13:30 – JLee mentions the rise of “fake commutes.” She misses the transition she used to get from being a parent to work/life throughout the morning.

16:00 – KD spends his “commute” time sleeping in instead of trying to recreate his work commute.

19:00 – Second topic: Silkroad Technology conducted a survey among office workers and executives and found ⅖ of office workers plan to resign because of how their companies handled the pandemic.

22:00 – KD thinks Silkroad is the Dark Web. Tim and JLee don’t know how to access the dark web and we want help! Tim and JLee are interested. 😉

23:00 – KD recommends reading the book American Kingpin by Nick Bilton about the creation of the dark web!

24:45 – KD and Tim are a little confused by the 40% of people who want to quit their jobs because they can’t think of that many companies that have really fumbled a Covid response.

28:00 – JLee thinks there needs to be some humility and grace for those trying to handle “unprecedented” times.

31:00 – It’s coming up soon that we’ve been working virtually for a year. An employee on JLee’s team mentioned celebrating the one-year anniversary and maybe getting a WFH gift for their teammates. JLee asked Tim and KD what ideas they have for a WFH gift.

36:00 – JLee’s brother-in-law went through a Gary V rabbit hole and found that he is bringing value to old sports cards.

Why are PTO Balance Rising Out of Control?! #HRFamous

On episode 47 of The HR Famous Podcast, long-time HR leaders (and friends) Tim SackettKris Dunn, and Jessica Lee come together to discuss Peloton, the top qualities people are looking for in a candidate, and PTO bank build-ups during the Covid era.

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Show Highlights:

1:30 – JLee is doing fantastic on this episode because Sex in the City is getting a reboot!

2:45 – JLee’s husband ordered balloons to celebrate her 100th Peloton ride, and she told him the wrong day! It was only her 100th workout (not ride).

3:30 – Tim has discovered that people are gaming their ride numbers on Peloton by doing more short rides instead of the longer rides.

4:20 – First topic: Tim got an email from a PR firm advertising the “Top 10 most important qualities in a candidate.” This is a recent study from 2021. What do you think the top quality is?

5:30 – KD’s top quality he looks for is “kicking a**.” What’s the top quality you look for?

7:30 – JLee looks for good listeners as one of her top candidates in a new hire. She thinks one BS thing from the list is “sincerity.” She doesn’t really understand what it means.

9:00 – #gsd. Look it up.

9:45 – Gary V messaged JLee for mentioning him on the show. We’re ready for you to come on the pod, Gary!

12:00 – Tim was on a CHRO digital forum recently and heard discussion from a panelist that a company found their PTO banks were rising astronomically. This not only became a people-management issue but a financial issue for the company. Tim thinks that this is BS because people are just taking time off because of increased flexibility instead of taking PTO.

15:00 – JLee says that she’s saving her PTO for when she can take a real vacation and travel again.

16:00 – KD thinks that the concern is BS and agrees with Tim. He thinks a major reason for this is the huge increase in downtime in 2020.

18:00 – There is a concern that once the world has returned to some normalcy, that everyone will take their PTO and there will be no one working. JLee discusses some strategies that could be used to combat this issue, like cashing out PTO days.

21:30 – Also on the CHRO digital forum, Tim learned that companies are saying they need to take and send data to hiring managers each month rather than quarterly or yearly.

23:20 – Another finding from the forum is a PTO charity bank, where people can donate their PTO to help hourly workers who do not qualify.

29:00 – Last topic: favorite TV/movie the crew has watched recently. JLee loved Bridgerton, and KD hasn’t really been watching too much.