Coming Soon my new book The Talent Fix: A Leader’s Guide to Recruiting Great Talent!

I’ve been wanting to write an HR book for a long time, and when SHRM reached out to me and asked if I would be interested I couldn’t pass up the opportunity! The Talent Fix isn’t just for HR and Talent Acquisition pros and leaders, it’s for anyone who is responsible for hiring.

The Talent Fix is a book that answers one of the most asked questions I get – “Tim, what would you do to fix our recruiting?” Wow! That’s a big, open-ended question with a million possible answers based on who you are!  Or, maybe it’s really just one answer, about what “I” would do if I came in and took over your organization’s talent acquisition department!

From team selection to the technology you should be using to some great insight on employment branding from some of the top EB leaders in the field, I tried to give it all to you! I’ve worked for companies larger and small, and there is something for every sized TA organization, every level of experienced leader.

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