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The new, best selling book by Workforce Magazine’s Top 10 HR Influencer, Tim Sackett! 

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Recent feedback on The Talent Fix: 

“Hands down, the best book on recruiting I’ve ever read.” – Mary Grace Hennessey

“Wow! This book was not an expense; it was a great investment. THIS BOOK CONTAINS NO SUGARCOATING. Tim tells it like it is and how it should be. People who should read this book!” – Chuck Matthews

“The Talent Fix is a must read for anyone serious about recruiting great talent. Tim’s style of writing is conversational, entertaining, with no –filler. As you read the book, you will feel as if Tim is talking with you.” – Steve Graham

“Some of you are experienced recruiting leaders in need of a restart. Some of you are new to the recruiting game, having been parachuted in by your company to fix a broken function. Some of you are currently kicking ass with your recruiting function and just looking for one idea that will make you better. Tim Sackett has something for each of you. Tim’s your guy. Tim’s currently doing the work. Read the book and trust the process.” – Kris Dunn

The Talent Fix: A Leader’s Guide to Recruiting Great Talent is approved for SHRM- CP and SCP recertification credit! 

A word from the Author, Tim Sackett – 

Almost every single day I get a message or call from leaders who are struggling to attract talent to their organizations. I love giving back to the HR and Talent Acquisition community and have been writing every day on my blog with tips and ideas to help. I finally decided to put everything I know about building a world-class talent attraction organization into one place, with The Talent Fix.

Some of you will love my style of writing, it’s very conversational. I get straight to the point, in giving you exactly what I would do in your position, and how I would do it, but I also tell you what you need to stop doing. The part I like most about the book is I was able to pull in great ideas and information from over 40 different people and organizations doing great recruiting work right now. Those shares are incredible!

I hope you enjoy the book, if you don’t, you’re out $24.95, and let’s be honest with each other, you’ve wasted a ton more than that on the dated, stale recruiting processes you’re using right now! 😉 Go buy the book, I guarantee you’ll save your organization a heck of lot more than the cost of the book!