There are many times I have a few things on my mind, but not enough to actually put a full blog post together – so I’ve decided when that happens I’m just going to mash a bunch of those together so I can get them out of my mind.  Here goes some things:

Circus Peanuts– you know the orange sponge like candy that nobody actually eats – yeah – I like those.  To be honest I haven’t had one in probably 15-20 years because of the embarrassment I think I’d feel if I actually bought a bag, plus the fact that as I got older I couldn’t really wrap my mind around what they were.  The texture is unlike anything you’ll ever put in your mouth – unless you have a weird thing and like putting smooth sponges in your mouth. (see I told you theses were some things!)

Skinny Girl Margaritas – My neighbor Kris Dickens gave me a bottle of Skinny Girl Margaritas this week (Thanks Kris!).  While that sounds completely metro-sexual – ok, that’s completely metro-sexual.  My wife and I watch a ton of reality TV and Bethany Ever After is one of the shows we’ll catch – and so I really like Margaritas and I make a very good Margarita myself – I wanted to try these famous Skinny Girl Margaritas.  So, here’s my review:  Skinny girls are skinny for a reason – they don’t eat or drink – so it’s probably best if you go for a margarita or any food or drink for that matter made by someone who actually has a little more “substance” to themselves.  What does that mean?  Skinny Girl Margaritas are strong (good for the Mom’s wanting to disconnect from reality) but light on actual flavor – which would add calories.  Maybe Bethany can make a Fat Girl Margarita which would probably be a little sweeter and talk to me.

Crazy Sports Dads – I have more stories of crazy-ass sport Dads than I care to remember – and it seems to be getting worse.  I had a father explain to me this past week the “importance” of teaching 6 and 7 year old kids a lesson in failure (striking out in baseball).  To give you some perspective – first time “real” baseball for many of the kids, coach pitch, this guy says if they swing 3 times and miss, they’re out – go make them sit down.  I wanted to maybe give them a couple of additional swings, knowing that some 6 and 7 year old kids – especially those not growing up in a sports family – might struggle being their first time out.  Mr. Baseball wanted to teach “lessons”!  So, here’s what I know – the game of baseball is almost all based in failure – you’ll make millions of dollars in baseball failing 70% of the time – there is no other profession in the world that would even keep you employed if you failed 70% of the time.   If I’ve learned anything in life it’s that if someone feels some initial success at doing something, they’re more apt to continue to work at, and get better at, that skill. If they fail, initially, they are more apt to quit.  Good job Crazy Sports Dad! 

Crazy Sports Dad, part 2 – Can you stop yelling at your kid while they are in the middle of a game, because you feel they have somehow personally let down you, your entire family heritage and our nation!  Guess what Sherlock – they didn’t strike out just to spite you – they were actually trying – but it’s a hard game – in which they will fail more than they will succeed – you screaming at them from the sidelines, like you have you bet your house on the game – isn’t helping them get better.

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  1. Tim, there is a company called Fat Mama’s. They make a margarita mix called, and I quote, “Fat Mama’s Knock You Naked Margarita Mix.”

    It is quite tasty. And not skinny. I probably should have the skinny version, but I like things with flavor, so…

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