Keeping with the Friday Things… idea (Laurie Ruettimann told me Friday’s are the worst day to post because of low traffic, so not to waste really good content on Fridays – and I do what Laurie says because she is wildly more popular than I – even though my writing is much better – but with less cat talk! On a side note – I thought the folks at FOT liked me as well by always giving me the “Friday” slot each week – for a long time – until I found this out – guess the joke was always on me!  But let’s face it, I’ll take any day at FOT!)

James Bond 007– For my money there is only one James Bond and he is – Sean Connery.  Roger Moore was a close second, all the others have just been pretenders.  When TNT or TBS run their mid-summer James Bond marathons, I’ll catch myself sitting in front of the TV for hours on a beautiful sunny day watching Dr. No or Goldfinger for the 12th time. Yes, I waste too much of my life.

 Side note – Elvis– when I was 19 or 20 I had ankle surgery over a Christmas break during college, so I spent a couple of weeks stuck on a couch – but for my benefit (I believe) TBS ran every Elvis movie ever made – back-to-back – and while I was a cursory fan of Elvis’s music – I became a huge fan of his movies over that period for the simple fact that he made an enormously large amount (33!) – he sang most of his dialogue – no matter what the role – and they always had pretty girls without many clothes (and if you actually watched them you would laugh out loud at how quickly and cheaply these were put together).  I think the producers of Elvis movies got it – very popular, good looking male lead singer, girls wearing bikinis – doesn’t matter the plot – you’ll sell tickets!

Side note II – I’ve never met another person my age who likes Elvis movies. 

Mountain Khakis – When you’re built like a fire hydrant, as I am – you struggle to find clothes that fit off that rack and don’t need to be tailored – but I’ve found one! – Mountain Khakis.  I’m a huge fan of this brand – they’re expensive, but they are good!  I’ll pay for quality – my Poppy (grandfather) always said it only costs a little more to go first class.   Plus, since I’m a University of Wyoming grad – I love the fact these guys are based out of Jackson Hole, Wyoming!

Easton Town Center– you probably need to put this into perspective, since I live in DeWitt, MI, but I think I’ve found and great mall in the entire world in Columbus, OH!  Who knew?!  Believe me, my wife and I are shoppers and we’ve been everywhere in the country shopping – but I’ve never found a single location like Easton Town Center.  For me it’s probably the combination of almost every store you can imagine with every restaurant you can imagine all being at one location – in a neighborhood type setting that makes you feel like you’re walking around a small town – when it’s really just one big outdoor mall.  Very cool – my wife is scheduling her girls weekend down there soon.

3 thoughts on “Things…

  1. Way to dig in to the controversial world of Khakis. What can we look forward to this Friday – a cutting and no holds barred examination of the best place to have tea in Detroit area? Good stuff!

  2. The best shopping and eating I’ve ever experienced was in Columbus when I worked for Kemper Insurance. In between laying off underwriters and actuaries, I found time to eat my way through every fast food chain and shop at some really cool malls.

    I approve.

    Also, Saturday has worse traffic than Friday — but Friday does suck hard for a weekday — and my Tuesdays are the best.

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