I was reminded of this from Fight Club this week – it’s my favorite scene from the movie…

Fight Club – Being clever by peromocibob

So, I probably don’t have anything clever to say, but this has been working out for me just fine –

1. Professional Athletes Who Do Charity work: So, if you read my blog you might think, oh boy Tim’s going to go off on these Rich SOBs – but I’m not.  You see I think people earn their money and they have the right to do with it what they want.  You might argue, well no one deserves to get million of dollars to play a game, but again, I’ll disagree with you – the market determines what they get paid – so they do deserve it – if they didn’t the market wouldn’t pay it.  So, I have true respect and administration for those professional athletes, in any sport, who make the choice to give their time and/or money to worthy causes.  They don’t have to do this – but unfortunately too many people feel like Athletes have to do this. Well, they don’t, just like you don’t.  I have the same respect for anyone who chooses to donate their time or money to what they believe in.

Here’s the one difference I see with pro athletes.  For many kids, these athletes are their heroes – they look up to them, they want to be like them. So, it’s special when an athlete comes to a hospital or school to visit children.  I could do that all day, and while I’m sure the adults at the organizations would appreciate my donation – the kids really don’t care too much.  But watch a kid when his favorite pro sports star comes to see them, and you’ll see Joy in it’s purest form.  I respect those athletes, actors, etc. who make the conscience choice to bring this joy to children.

2. The Michigan side, Lake Michigan Shore Line: Now I might sound like a Pure Michigan ad here – but I’m sick and tired of listening to people around the country tell me how nice their beaches are – Door County, WI can suck my sand bucket, Jersey Shore – please don’t even go there, any Ocean beach – too salty, and sharks.  I’ve been to all these places and no other beach in the country comes close to Lake Michigan beaches during July and August in Michigan.  From St. Joseph to Mackinaw City there is an endless supply of perfect sand beaches (literally hundreds of miles), snug up against clean, blue, fresh water Lake Michigan.  People who haven’t been here are missing one of America’s truly great places – it’s my number 1 thing about living in Michigan.   So, if you can’t get a hold of anyone in Michigan on a Friday afternoon between May and September – now you have an idea why.



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