The 8 Man Rotation – 2012 Season

For those new to The Project – you’ll come to notice that every once in a while I like to write about the interaction between sports and HR.  What?  Seems like it doesn’t fit? Really?  Well, for the past three years a band of 5 brothers have been proving this theory wrong by producing an entire ebook worth of sports related HR posts. The starting five:

  • Matt (akaBruno) Stollak – We like to call him ‘The Professor’!
  • Lance Haun – The man at ERE, or at least ‘our’ man at ERE and all around conference husband!
  • Steve Boese – Mr. HR Tech to you!
  • Kris Dunn – KD – the coach on the floor, and the closest thing we have to an actual athlete!
  • And Me

Exciting, I know! But wait, there’s more!  The link below will send you to your own Free copy of The 8 Man Rotation – 2012 Season!  Really, it’s free – make copies, give it away to friends, create an Oprah type book club at work digesting our first 3 seasons – we’ll never send you an invoice – we promise!












The 8 Man Rotation – 2012 Season – On Sale Now! For Free!



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