The Next Great HR Technology Company? #HRTechConf

It’s my favorite time of year when ‘the’ HR Technology Conference is right around the corner and I’m getting all my meetings set up, and getting ready for my panel on “Building the Perfect TA Tech Stack”.

One of the really awesome things that HR Tech has added is a competition where we all get to vote on who we believe will be the next great HR Technology company. The 2017 finalist for this award are:

From this list over 5,000 people voted to get the final four that will present on stage at the conference in October. Those are:



Best Money Moves


The winner will be named on Tuesday, October 10th at the “Voice”-style presentation from 3:45-4:45 pm PT. Congratulations to all the finalist, just being named is a huge honor!

I’ve been to each of these shows the past couple of years and it’s an awesome way to be able to show the attendees what you have in a really short condensed way. It’s like a cross between a mini-demo and commercial, with HR technology experts on stage asking insightful questions.

For me it’s one of the most exciting presentations of the entire show (well, besides mine!). Also, these are 4 companies that I will be doing a demo with and writing about on my T3 series for sure!


One thought on “The Next Great HR Technology Company? #HRTechConf

  1. Tim – thanks for giving these young companies more visability. As a HR Tech founder & CEO I am sure this really helps them in a variety of ways. Many impressive products and companies.

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