The Tim Sackett #CoronaDiaries – Work from Home Advice!

Hey gang! How are we all doing today!?! Since so much of the audience is impacted by COVID-19 I thought it would be a good time to talk shop and do some videos that I’m going to call the CoronaDiaries! I hope you enjoy – make sure to hit me up in the comments with your best advice, tips, and tricks for all of us working from home!

One additional tip: Don’t neglect your exercise and diet! For me, I’m a big workout at lunch person, so moving into a work from home situation totally throws me off my routine and I have to make sure I figure that out!

Add your ideas in the comments!

3 thoughts on “The Tim Sackett #CoronaDiaries – Work from Home Advice!

  1. Great insights Tim. Our teams are struggling with turning on their cameras in our Zoom meetings, and I want to tell them to not worry … we need the face to face interaction.

    Also, I like the Prince quote poster in the background of your home office. Who is holding the cigar in the poster next to it?

  2. As far as exercise goes, I find it easier to do that when working from home. I’ve been going on walks every day once my “core office hours” are over, and it’s been great! (plenty of hills in my neighborhood, so I’m getting a decent workout)

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