#CoronaDiaries – Stupid Facts about Tim and HR Tech Marketing! (video)

The weekly video series Corona Diaries is back and this week Tim talks stupid facts about himself and the good and bad of HR Tech Marketing during a pandemic crisis. It’s been a hot topic on the social channels this past week, with folks in both camps.

Camp 1 – we have products and services that can help organizations right now and we need to let them know, or just simply, the world hasn’t stopped and we need to sell this stuff to keep our employees employed.

Camp 2 – You’re all evil for spamming everyone in the middle of a once in a lifetime crisis!

Hit me in the comments – Should HR Tech companies be marketing their product right now today, or when is it appropriate for them to start again? Do you have a problem with this, or do you think it’s fine?

One thought on “#CoronaDiaries – Stupid Facts about Tim and HR Tech Marketing! (video)

  1. I totally agree Tim with this idea of “do not add to the noise.”
    At the same time, keeping a sense of normalcy is also important. So just like you keep sending your daily “What’s Tim Sackett Talking About Today?” I have decided to keep publishing my weekly newsletter. I have completely changed the editorial calendar (I was planning to talk about recruitment in a tight labor market!) and keeping my ears & eyes open to find what questions my readers have so I can bring them what they need now.
    Keep up the good work and BTW I don’t drink coffee either 🙂

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