#CoronaDiaries – This is why we can’t return to work!

I’m out in Utah and I’ve discovered the exact reason we can’t return to work! Basically, we’re all stupid, but it’s a longer story than that! Also, I introduce RecruitersRecruitingRecruiters.com and give some career advice to recruiters (well, basically anyone!) who find themselves currently out of a job!

If you are in recruiting and/or HR share your best resources for career development in the comments!

2 thoughts on “#CoronaDiaries – This is why we can’t return to work!

  1. Love the ideas for developing yourself during this time, thanks Tim! We have been crazy busy recruiting even during the Pandemic but need to take some time to develop myself and my team. May have to steal that interview question as well.

    BTW…AWESOME view in the windows behind you!

  2. Excellent idea for self education and volunteerism. On volunteerism get into the school systems (college and high school) to help develop resumes and interview coaching. If you do it don’t just teach them how to get the job, but how to be a valued employee by instilling positive ethics, personal drive and professionalism.

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