DisruptHR Lansing 3.0 Tickets On Sale Now!

You already know the deal for those who have been to a DisruptHR event. Get your tickets now before they sell out, and you can’t come! It’s 6 pm, Thursday, September 21st, at The Graduate in East Lansing, and it’s going to be a party!!

For our first-timers! What’s DisruptHR?

– 5-minute HR-inspired talks by people like us – nerdy HR pros who love what we do! We’ll do 12-14 talks, so it’s a quick two-hour evening. It can be longer if you come to the after-party!

– The talks are fast and fun. Some will make you laugh. Some make you cry. Some will inspire you. We support every brave soul who comes to the stage!

– Each talk has a slide deck of 20 slides that auto-move every 15 seconds. So, there’s always a chance for a train wreck!

– It’s a free open bar! What could go wrong? HR pros. Unlimited drinks. Fast presentations.

I genuinely believe it might be the best HR team-building activity out there. You learn something. You have fun. You can network with a fantastic community of HR professionals in the Greater Lansing Area.

DisruptHR was developed to build an HR community at a local level. It’s about developing ourselves and strengthening our ties to our profession and each other. We look to rise all boats.

Please come join us on Thursday, September 21st, at The Graduate in downtown East Lansing. The doors and bar open at 6 pm. Talks begin at 7 pm. The after-party starts at 9 pm!

Want to get a feel for what the night will look like? Here’s a link to all the DisruptHR Talks that have been done over the years.

Thousands of previous DisruptHR Talks from around the globe.

DisruptHR runs events in over 150 cities globally. This is our third event in Lansing, and we like to think ours is the best!

The DisruptHR Lansing Site.

One thought on “DisruptHR Lansing 3.0 Tickets On Sale Now!

  1. LOVE love love DisruptHR events. If you haven’t been to one and think it sounds crazy–know that it IS and also it is awesome!!!

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