My Final Post

With a mix of emotions, I’ve gotta tell you, this is the end of the road for the good ole’ blog. It’s been a wild ride, sharing my thoughts on work, tech, and life for a solid decade or two.

Looking back on it all, I can’t help but notice one thing – you guys haven’t exactly been breaking the bank with your support!!! I mean, that dude with the sign on the off-ramp? He’s raking in more cash with five words than I ever did with a million. And all I’ve got to show for it is a bunch of HR and TA Tech vendor t-shirts. Not exactly the Nike collection I was dreaming of! You never ask for my Venmo!

So, it’s time to say goodbye…

Who knows, maybe tomorrow I’ll wake up in a cold sweat, realizing poor Sally from Smalltown, USA is still waiting for her daily dose of Timmy. Hang in there, Sally, I’ve got your back!

11 thoughts on “My Final Post

  1. Haha! Good one! I’ve enjoyed reading your newsletters and can’t wait for the release of your second book! This is one way to get our attention for sure! Have a good one, Timmy – LOL!

  2. I was actually going to reply:
    I’ll change my name to Sally and move!!!!

    And then…scrolled down…

  3. Well played-hahaha…I was like, “damn, wait…we just connected Friday…I’m out from underneath my rock, I told my mom we met and everything, and then it’s over?” Well played indeed…disappointed that I was had so easily.

  4. LOL, Tim – after all, if you shut down the blog, what moniker will we put on your HR Tech Conference badge?

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