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  • Leaders are just Interpreters of BullSh*t! #HRTechConf

    Sep 22

    I was on the phone yesterday with George Larocque¬†who is an HR advisor to HR technology companies worldwide. George also does some consulting with companies on selecting HR technology, research, etc. He’s one of the few people in the industry that I listen to, primarily because I know he knows his stuff and isn’t trying […]

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  • The Next Great HR Technology Company? #HRTechConf

    Sep 21

    It’s my favorite time of year when ‘the’ HR Technology Conference is right around the corner and I’m getting all my meetings set up, and getting ready for my panel on “Building the Perfect TA Tech Stack”. One of the really awesome things that HR Tech has added is a competition where we all get […]

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  • Do you pay your employees more for referring Diverse candidates?

    Sep 20

    I know a ton of HR Pros right now who have been charged by their organizations to go out and “Diversify” their workforce.¬† By “Diversify”, I’m not talking about diversity of thought, but to recruit a more diverse workforce in terms of ethnic, gender and racial diversity. Clearly, by bringing in more individuals from underrepresented […]

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