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  • 5 Great Excuses to Miss a Coworkers Wedding!

    Jun 23

    I had one of my Recruiters ask for some advice this week. It wasn’t work advice, it was a little more personal.  She had told a person she would attend a wedding of a family member with them but was having second thoughts. It was one of those Holy Crap moments! I don’t really like […]

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  • The Next Great Trick in HR to Become World Class!

    Jun 22

    Oh, Tim must be talking about the great A.I. tech that’s coming out, or the next great tech that will replace staffing agencies, or the next website that will change the entire industry forever – “Oh hey! Google Jobs.” I’m sure he’s going to be talking about using Fitbits to increase our organizational wellness! No, […]

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  • The Key Trait of Every Great Employee #SHRM17

    Jun 21

    For twenty years I’ve been hiring and firing people.  I’ve been lucky enough to have some really great performers, a bunch of good performers and also a few really crappy performers.  It seems like every time I turn, someone has an answer for me on how to hire better.  For years I have given the […]

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