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  • The Definitive Recipe for Success 

    Dec 15

    Early this week I was in the car listening to NPR on my way to a meeting. I can’t even remember which show and who was being interviewed but I remember what was said by the person being interviewed. The topic was about success. The person being interviewed said that you reach success by having […]

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  • Let’s face it, we love pretty people!

    Dec 14

    So, you’ve probably heard by now that some companies in Silicon Valley decided to hire models to attend their annual holiday parties and act as friends of executives. The purpose was not to show the executives had pretty friends, but to add some ‘prettiness’ to the party: Along with a seemingly endless string of harassment […]

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  • Do your Recruiters have a Code of Ethics? @ATAPglobal

    Dec 13

    Recruiters are…   The reputation of Recruiters has never been very good, to say the least. Most people don’t trust recruiters and they’re fairly good reasons for this. Recruiters have one job to do. That job is to find talent for your organization. That job is not to find the candidate a job. It’s hard […]

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