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  • SBQ-Pick-up-the-phone

    HR, The DNC is showing you how not to communicate!

    Jul 27

    We love to cover our ass in HR. It’s actually in The HR Rule Book, page 1, first paragraph: “Like our brothers and sisters in the Real Estate game, we all have really only one rule to live by. They live by, “Location, location, location”. In HR we live by, “Document, document, document”.  Documentation is […]

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  • day100

    T3 – day100 @dayonehundred

    Jul 26

    This week on T3 I review the reference checking technology start-up day100. day100 is an automated reference checking, candidate selection technology that uses a candidate-driven process to get fast and accurate results of who the candidate truly is with virtually no effort from your talent acquisition team. The name came from your desire to be able […]

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  • white guy smile

    Is Smiling at a Black Person in an Interview a Racist Microagression?

    Jul 25

    From the land of we’ve gone off the deep end of political correctness, check this out! Do you suffer from “White Guy” smile? “When you pass a person of color on the street, do you give them the “white guy smile”? Congratulations, you’re racist! If you look at a person of color, you’re racist. If […]

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