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    What if it’s impossible to fix the Gender Wage Gap?

    Jun 30

    I love the HR and Talent data analytics platform Visier and have been following them for years. Recently, Visier released a study called the Visier Insight’s Report: Gender Equity that I found fascinating! Basically, Visier claims they discovered the main reason behind the gender pay gap and they titled it the “Manager Divide” (You can download the […]

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    In Recruiting, Content Is NOT King!

    Jun 29

    Something happened over the past five years. Content marketing, which is a brilliant way to connect with a customer base and build sales, became very fashionable in the recruiting space.  So much so, that I constantly read vendors telling in the trenches Talent Acquisition pros and leaders: “In Recruiting, content is king!” No. No, it is […]

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  • The Voice

    T3 – HR & TA Technology Startup Competition at The HR Tech Conference!

    Jun 28

    I get to review some really great HR and TA Technology on a weekly basis. Many of those companies are just looking for a ‘shot’. A way to be heard, to let people know what they do and how it will help their organization. Well, this is it! The HR Technology Conference is having a […]

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