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    T3 – Handshake @JoinHandshake

    Oct 25

    This week on T3 I take a look at the recruiting platform for college students called Handshake. If you recruit new grads from college campuses you know the pain of not having a one-stop shop to get the students you need. Most companies still waste a ton of resources attending career fairs and negotiating individual […]

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  • jobinlove2

    Falling In Love With Your Job

    Oct 24

    Do you know what it felt like the last time you fell in love? I mean real love? The kind of love where you talk 42 times per day, in between text and facebook messages and feel physical pain from being apart? Ok, maybe for some it’s been a while and you didn’t have the […]

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  • shake_0

    Your Recruitment Strategy Needs Focus!

    Oct 21

    I’ve been in Chicago a couple of times this fall. The restaurant scene in Chicago is off the charts, just like it is right now in New York, LA, etc. It’s a great time to be a person who loves food! If you like going to new restaurants you’ll find out quickly that the restaurants of […]

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