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    True or False: Corp Recruiters Fear Agency Recruiters

    Apr 29

    True or False?  It’s a common belief, in most Talent and HR circles, that most corporate recruiters fear agency recruiters.  Go ahead and argue if you would like, but it seems a little silly. The reality is, true recruiting professionals don’t fear amateurs. It’s like a really great professional Photographer.  They charge money because they offer […]

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    I Miss Old School Employee Training Videos!

    Apr 28

    Remember the bad 80’s employee training videos?  When I was at Applebee’s we had a series of sexual harassment training videos that would never fly in today’s politically correct world! These videos were part 70’s porn, part creepy uncle and 100% pure gold. I couldn’t ever play them without laughing out loud.  They were so […]

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    The 3 Conference Speakers You’ll See At a Conference Near You

    Apr 27

    I was sitting at an HR conference last week next to my friend, Laurie Ruettimann, listening to someone talk about something they did at some company and made this statement: “You know, you only see three types of conference speakers.” We were bored. We start talking in the back like the bad kids in class. So, […]

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