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  • Social Talent

    T3 – @SocialTalent – Recruitment Training

    Aug 23

    This week on T3 I review the recruiter/sourcing training platform Social Talent. Okay, before we get started on Social Talent, I have a confession to make. I’ve actually known about Social Talent for a while but haven’t written about them because I was taking my entire team through their training! I didn’t write about them […]

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    Recruiting Secret #9

    Aug 22

    Everyone wants to know the secret to great recruiting. Candidates want to know how to get into companies. Recruiters want to know each other’s secrets to finding great talent. No one seems to be sharing their secrets, so I thought I might as well tell you mine… Recruiting Secret #9 We’ll tell you we only […]

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  • boolean-search

    A Recruiter’s Boolean Search Nightmare!

    Aug 19

    One of my favorite recruiting thought leaders (I hate that phrase ‘thought leader’, it sounds so pompous! What are they actually leading anyway? Okay, you had a thought, who decided it was a ‘leading’ thought? I’d much rather say ‘Super Smart Chick’ or ‘Brilliant Dude’) is Glen Cathey. He’s a 1%er when it comes to […]

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