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    The Death of “No”

    Aug 29

    Want to make a huge change to your HR career? No, really? Okay, do this one thing: Stop using the word “No”. That’s it. Just stop it. Don’t say “No” ever again. HR pros lose credibility faster than anyone else because we are known as the “No” police. Employees, hiring managers, vendors, everyone comes to […]

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  • surprised

    The Best Recruiters Don’t Get Surprised!

    Aug 26

    Talent Acquisition 101. If there is one thing I could give a new Recruiting Pro it would be this simple advice. No matter how prepared you think you are, you really only need to prepare yourself, for one thing, being surprised. You don’t really get judged on your daily stuff.  Let’s face it, 99.9% of […]

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  • friends nose

    Having a Friend at Work is Harder than you Think!

    Aug 25

    We’ve been told for years now, based on the Gallup research, that having a best friend at work is one of those anchors that will lengthen a person’s tenure with an organization. New research is proving this might not be as easy it sounds! Business Insider: Plos One recently released a study where they asked students […]

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