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  • The Dumb HR Guy Guide to Recertifying for HRCI & SHRM

    Feb 20

    “My three years is up!”, he said as if it was a prison sentence. If you’re a regular to the professional recertification process of HRCI (SPHR, PHR, GPHR), you know this feeling well. Your HRCI certification lasts for three years and you can then retake the test or turn in continuing education credits for recertification. […]

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  • The Single Point of Failure in Your Candidate Experience #TheCandEs

    Feb 17

    The Talent Board (founders of the CandE Awards for the employers with the best candidate experience) recently released theirĀ 2016 Talent Board North American Candidate Experience Awards Research Report. This report is well written, packed with exceptional data, and one that I look forward to reading each year. As you think about your own candidate experience, […]

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  • Moneyball Rules: Offering More Experienced Workers Less Money!

    Feb 16

    For years I’ve been trying to get people to understand this Moneyball concept as it relates to hiring, but few really listen. I know you saw the movie, Moneyball, where a major league baseball general manager finds success by signing and drafting ‘undervalued’ players. The players are undervalued for a number of reasons, it doesn’t […]

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