Hello world!

I was talking to my wife the other night, you might know her better as – Hall of Fame Volleyball player from University of Wyoming, Kim Smith-Sackett (she loves when I point that out!), trying to figure out why on earth would I start a blog.  I already have a bi-monthly post over at the awesomely wicked HR blog, Fistful of Talent, I can blog any day I want at my companies blog Talent 911 since I’m the administrator – So why The Tim Sackett Project? 

Besides the obvious Narcissim, I really think it comes from my enjoyment of writing and probably more specifically about attempting to make people laugh with my writing – primary word being “attempt”.  I think professionally I tend to deliver HR different than most HR people and it seems to have worked for me.  Blogging allows me to get those ideas out to other HR Pros and we can learn and debate with each other – the HR Pros I’ve ran into blogging have stretched my thinking in HR farther than I knew was possible – it’s a great activity to develop yourself.

Beyond professionally, I have a family that makes me laugh every day – 3 sons (14, 12 and 7) and a great wife – and a bunch of completely insane family members all over the country that all give me endless stories – and many that I want to share.  So, here it goes – Don’t worry this is going to be Amazing!

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