I ran into something last week – a Staffing firm – calling a current client we do business with – offering to do what we do for half the cost.

“Sounds great! Half price recruiting services – sign me up!”

At least, that’s what I told our client.  I told them to go for it, do it – how could you turn down such a great “Recruitpon” – you have to buy!

The client was “ahh, Tim, you want us to go and use another firm?”  and I was like “ahh, no – but if you can get what I’m giving you for half price, don’t you from a business standpoint, have to do it!”  and the client was like “well, I was just hoping we could keep you guys, but get it cheaper.”  So, I was like “sure we can do it cheaper, which parts do you want me to cut out?” 

You see where this is going.

We aren’t the highest price recruiting company around and we aren’t the cheapest – I feel you get what you pay for.  When you hire HRU – you get me (and a bunch of talented pros that get it, that I have the pleasure of having on my team).  I’m a lot of things – but I’m not normally half off. 

I bet that would work though – a “Recruitpon” – let’s face it 97% of the recruiting companies out there will do just about anything to get a shot at your business.  Maybe your first question should be: Why?  Don’t you wonder as a corporate HR Pro – why does this company want to work with us – I mean really?  Why?  They’ll be able to tell you why “you” should work with “them” – but I bet they’ll stumble a bit at telling you “why we want to work with you” – and don’t let them off the hook on how they are the “solution” to all of your problems – really – all of my problems? Great  – come rub my feet…

It’s the single hardest thing I have to get across to my team – there are many companies we don’t want to work with – and only a few that we really want to work with.  I want to work with companies where I like and respect the people we have to work with – I will enjoy making those calls, having those meetings, etc.  If I don’t like working with you – that’s a misearable relationship – at any price – or even with a Recruitpon.

BTW – don’t run out and try to buy it’s already gone – it’s hard to stay ahead of a headhunter…

4 thoughts on “Recruitpon

  1. Wait shouldn’t we be selling and also trying to figure out what parts of our service to cut out so that recruitpons don’t run out?:)
    Love your blogs!

  2. If you are providing a service and doing it right, it should not be treated like a commodity. If you are having to win business by strictly being the lowest cost provider you are probably not doing something right. Stand out with the service you provide and you won’t have to buy the business by dropping your price.

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