Are You An AL or NL Person?

My friend John Hollon over at TLNT is a Los Angeles Angles of Anaheim fan (which for starters should not be  allowed to be a name – I mean really!  Let’s just call them what they are The Mighty Ducks!) and we were having a discussion about the differences between American League fans (AL) and National League fans (NL).  I’m a Detroit Tigers fan – have been all my life – my Mom actually dated Kirk Gibson for a while while he was a Tiger,  although she didn’t know who he was when she met him (which I think is very funny, since he was one of the biggest names in baseball at the time), and I’m pretty sure Kirk didn’t see it as exclusive and I never got to call him “Daddy” or even “Uncle Kirk” – although he did give me a signed baseball by the entire 84 Tigers (then my dog chewed on it – now you know my entire life).

Back to AL vs. NL. 

John sees the differences between the two leagues fans as this:

“To me, AL fans aren’t as beholden to tradition (eg, the Designated Hitter). They’re more into style and looking good (more excitement, runs and scoring), than substance. NL fans believe in the basics of the game — pitchers hitting, use of the sacrifice to move along runners, low scoring games, more pitching and defense… maybe, sometimes, even a little boring…”

I can’t really disagree with him – it’s a pretty spot-on assessment – but we are both AL guys, so we have to believe “our” league is a little bit sexier and more exciting than those NL fans!

Here’s my take:

American League Fans

National League Fans
Hot Dog with Mustard Fish Tacos with Mango Salsa
Budweiser (or Bud Light for the ladies) Mojitos (for both guys and gals – unless it’s Philadelphia than its beer snuck into the stadium hidden in their kids pants)
Fitted Ball Cap – Flat brim Yeah-no, it messes up my look
Batting Practice in the outfield bleachers 2 hours before game time No one arrives before the 3rd inning – I mean don’t look desperate
7th Inning Stretch Bottom of 6th running to the parking lot to beat traffic
Removing your cap for the National Anthem What’s with this obsession with hats?
Sitting at a game while it’s snowing Forgetting you have tickets for a game
Big Giant Guys hitting Bombs! Pitchers up to bat who look like they’re about to be attacked by a pit bull

Let’s face it the American League is just top to bottom better baseball – Red Sox, White Sox, Yanks, Twins, Tigers, Angels, Rays and Rangers.  The National League just can’t compete with: Braves, Philly, Cubs, Reds, Padres, Cards and Giants.  The only fans you can really r

4 thoughts on “Are You An AL or NL Person?

  1. Very Well put!! I am a Braves fan too but I do have to say if you are and have been a Tiger fan for any length of time, there is no room for mamby pambzy fans!! Go Tigers!!

  2. Ouch…I must say I disagree completely with every NL fan assessment made here…with the exception that a ton of NL fans enter the games late because they are busy boozing…

  3. Pretty much agree with comparison. However, rather have ketchup or BBQ sauce than mustard on my dog. Actually, brat with grilled onions, BBQ sauce, etc. even better. I do occasionally eat a fish taco, but not at the ballpark! Oh yeah, and I do still curve my brim on my caps. Don’t wanna look like some rapper punk. By the way, did I mention the Rangers are WINNING?

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