The 8 Man Rotaton – A Look at Sports and HR

Matt (@akaBruno) Stollak put together an eBook of some of our favorite Sports related HR posts from an impressive group of HR bloggers and myself (see how I didn’t include myself in the “impressive group of HR bloggers” – that’s called self-insight my fellow HR Pros!). 

Here’s our Line Up:

Kris Dunn The HR Capitalist; Head FOT’er , KinetixHR and smooth shooting 2 guard, maybe a 3 if he’s playing with all white guys – but on this team we have him play the 5 – plus he’s probably the only one who can actually play anyway.

Lance Huan – Of the @TheLance, Rehaul, TLNT fame – definitely a point guard build, but with a Barkley personality.

Steve Boese – HR Technology, HR Happy Hour host, and he works someplace but doesn’t like to talk about it (we think he might actually be a spy!) – a solid two guard who likes to spot up in the corner, wearing the old school Chucks.

Matt Stollak @akaBruno, St. Norberts HR Professor straight out of Green Bay (err, DePere), the prof that you always wanted in school, we have him play the 3 the primarily because most teams don’t run well with 3 point guards on the floor at the same time.

Me– The Tim Sackett Project (that’s original), FOT’er 4 Life, HRU EVP – playing the 4 spot because although I have a personality like Barkley, I also have the backside to match – which means I can box out anyone!

So, check out our eBook –  The 8 Man Rotation

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