In this edition of Things – we will be looking at Things I wish I had on my desk right now –

First off, I wish I had one of those original Sports Illustrated Sneaker Phones – that would be Awesome! Not really to use, since we  are on the phone all the time, but just so that I could pick it up and use it when someone walked into your office and saw you holding a shoe to your head!








The next thing would probably be a big bowl of Circus Peanuts, and I mean an abnormally large bowl where people think “you’ve got a problem with these Circus Peanuts.”  I don’t know why I like these, they are the texture of a sponge and but as a boy I could eat an entire bag and not even throw up orange!









The next thing I would want is a Darth Vader digital clock, because it’s nerdy and completely cool!











The final thing and probably my most coveted item of wanting would be a completely awesome, overly large picture of myself, but done in the very nerdy 1980’s class photo double image portrait.











That would be the perfect office!



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