Do You Have The Right Job?

I came across a new HR Blog (well, it’s new to me) – A Fool With A Plan – that reminded me of a classic Chris Rock bit about whether you have a Career or a Job (warning: some language not appropriate for some work places – unless you work at my office, then you better wear earmuffs):

How do you know if you are in the right job/career?  Time seems to move way to fast.  You get to work and before you know it’s lunch time, then you look up and it’s time to go home, or you make the “choice” to stay a bit later to finish up something you are working on.  Unlike Chris – I believe people can have jobs they love as well, that might not be a career.  Plus, I know a ton of people who have very successful careers – who hate what they are doing.

It’s not easy finding both a great career and a great job.  You might find a career that pays you a ton of money, and you really like that, but something is missing, something just doesn’t satisfy you.  Don’t get me wrong – I’m not here to tell you to forget the money, and just do what you love!  Those people usually are trying to get me to pay them for stupid stuff I can do on my own for nothing!   There’s a balance.  Very few of us are lucky enough to do what we love, and what we love pays us enough money to get all those things we think we need.

I’m proud to come from a family of hard workers, from my grandparents to my parents, I was lucky enough to have been surrounded by people who just naturally worked.  I try to bring up my 3 sons with those same ideals – I don’t complain in the morning when I’m the first one up and off to the office – it’s what I do – it allows us as a family to have a very comfortable living – that makes me feel good.  Would I rather be out golfing or fishing all day – things I “love” to do?  You better believe it!  But I’ve yet to find someone to pay me what I make in my “career” that allows me to sit on a boat, on a lake all day.

I do agree with Chris, though, on major thing – if the clock doesn’t seem to move when you are at work – you are in the wrong job!


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  1. Ahh Tim, I’m so jealous! I love Chris Rock and I lived through that type of horrible, crappy job description. I’ve always wanted to use him but didn’t know how to make it work. You did and thank you!

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