Don’t Be This Guy

I listen to Jim Rome on sports talk radio and occasionally catch his ESPN show Jim Rome is Burning – he has classic bits he does about the people who makes us laugh in sports – Slow Pitch Softball Guy, Likes to Fight Guy, Gym Guy, Golf Guy, Pickup Basketball Guy, etc.  As soon as you mention the name you get the picture in your mind or know that one person at your office that immediately fits the description – they are over the top, and usually have no idea how much of an ass they make of themselves.

I ran into a guy today that we all run into from time to time, as we meander from conference room to conference room, on our endless day of meetings – he’s Likes to Argue His Point Guy!  Bam!  Someone came right to your mind didn’t it!?  So, what does Likes to Argue His Point Guy look like?  I’m glad you asked:

  • He’s the kind of guy who stands up in a meeting where no one else stands up – just so you know he’s serious.
  • He’s the guy who isn’t listening, he’s just waiting to respond to whatever your saying, as fast as possible.
  • He’s the guy who talks louder than everyone else in the meeting, just he’s sure you heard his side of things.
  • He’s the guy who talks with his hands and slams his fist down on the table – for effect!
  • He’s the guy you cringe at when he walks into the room and you were hoping he wouldn’t be in “this” meeting.
  • He’s the guy that no matter what metrics and logic you present – he’s not buying.  G*d made this world flat for a reason and you’re not telling him that’s it’s round!
  • He’s the guy who will fight to the death to win the battle, not understanding it just cost him the war.

Don’t be Likes to Argue his Point Guy – no one likes this guy, they barely tolerate him and no one wants to work him.

By the way – Likes to Argue his Point Guy – also comes in a female version!

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