#24 Rap Lyric That Shaped My Leadership Style

For the background of this list – see my post from 2-10-12.

The #24 Rap Lyric that has shaped my leadership style is from Little Wayne, from a song he did with Eminem called “No Love”:

“I think about more than I forget
But I don’t go around fire expecting not to sweat”


Two things here that pop out:

1. As a leader I forgive – heck as a person I’m just someone who forgives and moves on – but as a leader I won’t forget.   It’s an important trait to have in business because people are going to make mistakes and we need to move forward, but I would fail as a leader if I continue to put individuals into situations where they’ll fail again.  At that point, they didn’t fail, I did.

2. There are times when a leader has to make tough calls – and it’s going to get a little hot.  You can’t be surprised by this, you also have to have enough awareness of when these decisions have the potential to get hot, and making the proper call for the organization if the organization has the ability to handle it at that time or not.  Just because you can handle the heat, doesn’t mean your boss, or the board, or your customers will be able to.  You can never turn a blind-eye to your decisions, for the simple fact you feel you can handle it – most decisions have domino effects – solid leaders understand which dominoes will fall before they tip the first one.

I promise – I’ll go old school on you as well as we move forward!  Next week – Boogie Down Productions (BDP) will make an appearance.


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