#22 Rap Lyric That Shaped My Leadership Style

For the background of this list – see my post from 2-10-12.

The #23 Rap Lyric that shaped my leadership style comes from Jay-Z’s Blueprint 2:

“When the grass is cut, the snacks will show.”

Over the past 3 or 4 years this has been really true in organizations.   As you become lean, as you begin to make cuts that really hurt, you will see those in your organization that are there because they want to be, and those who are there because they have no other choice.   I like to surround myself with people who want to be on this boat with me, who will keep bailing water even when it looks like it’s no use.  Don’t get me wrong – I don’t want them to do it in a naive way – like they can’t see what’s really going on.  I just want people who believe in the same vision that I have.  It’s the only way your organization will truly move forward – belief.

The one thing that hard times bring us, is that organizations get a unique and rare chance to really see who those people are in their companies.  It can be a very cleansing experience – addition through subtraction – that you didn’t even know you needed.   Too many times we are so close to what is going on we have a hard time seeing the forest through all these trees.  My wife watches the Bachelor and all too often, we can see the snack, yet, the Bachelor can’t (my says this is because he’s a man, and stupid – I tend to think it’s difficult to see the truth when so many people are trying to “win” you over – but she’s probably right though!).

Loyalty is a tricky thing to measure in an organization – until you don’t have it.

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