Bad is Stronger than Good

I spoke at the inaugural TLNT Transform event last week in Austin – my topic was – What Your CEO Wished HR Would Do.  One thing that came up during my presentation was a conversation around “Must Do Moves”.  Must do moves are those things in your organization that you grab a hold of, as an HR Pro, and make sure they happen.  I asked the group a question:

Do you have anyone in your organization that you need to get rid of?


100% – all hands raised – Yes!  If you work in an organization that has a decent size – let’s say 100+, you almost always have a least one or two folks you would be better without. (for the record – my staff is less than 100, and I don’t have anyone I need to get rid of – they all rock! Don’t hate, I just follow my own advice!)  As HR Pros we hear about this in meetings with your executives and hiring managers – “Oh, if we could only replace John, we would be so much better!”   My point to the HR Pros in the audience is this is a value item that we can own in our organizations.  Must do moves – especially those that make our organizations stronger, need champions.  When it comes to staff moves – we are that champion.

What we realize, but many of our hiring managers fail to realize, is that Bad is Stronger than Good, when it comes to employees.  We hear all the time “Addition through Subtraction”, and yet we struggle in our organizations to make this happen.   Most likely this happens in your organization because you are trying to make your hiring managers, manage, and have them make this decision.  When in reality they have made the decision – they told you.  They hate conflict, even more than you do, and this was their cry for help.  Take it – run with it – make it happen.  It’s the one thing in HR we are all good at – process and planning.  Put a plan together to get rid of your Bad and make it happen.

I didn’t just say – go fire.  That’s not a plan. Well, it is a plan, but not a very good one.  I said make a plan to get rid of the bad.  That means working with the hiring manager to determine timing, back-fill options, sourcing, recruiting, progressive discipline – all that good stuff – but make it happen.  Really – make it happen.  Executives like doers!  They like doers that get rid of Bad in our organizations.  We own the Bad people in our organizations.  Any time you have a Bad person in your organization – you need to take on the persona – this Bad person is my fault, and I’m taking care of it.  Bad is Stronger than Good – you have to fight hard against Bad.

Want to look and be better in HR – own Must Do Moves in your organization.

Want me to come and tell you what other things your CEO wants HR to do?  Contact me – I’m cheap – not free – but cheap.

One thought on “Bad is Stronger than Good

  1. I have experienced organizations that keep bad people around and I think it exposes weak leadership. Companies that move quickly to replace bad employees earn the respect of the remaining employees. It sends a bad signal to your good staff if a poor performer just skates by.

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