HR, Meet Your Replacement

It’s name is Baxter – it costs $22,000 –











“Baxter, though, sits on a gurney and can be set down safely just about anywhere on a factory floor. Its eyes are on a swiveling computer screen and greet any worker who approaches. To teach Baxter a job, a human simply grabs its arms, simulates the desired task, and presses a button to set the pattern.

Another idea behind Baxter is that it will be upgradable. The company plans to update Baxter’s software for free every few months, enabling more complex behaviors such as two-handed manipulation. Early next year, Rethink will also release a set of programming instructions so developers can come up with their own tasks and attachments for the machine.”

Think your new iPhone 5 is cool – just wait until this dude takes over your job.

“But wait, Tim – a Robot could not do my job in HR!”  It can if all you do is transactional stuff…and it will probably have a better attitude.  Plus, at $4/hr true cost over a 3 year period – what do I have to lose!

What are you doing right now – today – in your organization to add value?  Better start doing something – Baxter is coming.

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