HR Lady in Topeka: You’re Meaningless

Take a look at this map depicting how big California’s population is as it relates to the rest of the United States:


Each colored section represents roughly 38 Million people.  Want to know why so much focus in HR (heck, most things in the US) is spent on what California is doing?  It’s because California would be the 33rd largest ‘Country’ in the world if we allowed them to be their own country!  Want to know why your voice at SHRM is never heard?  Take a look at the map.

Every voice is important as long as it comes with 38 Million votes.  Sometimes it’s hard for us to understand why certain things happen in the U.S., especially all my HR brothers and sisters in the Midwest, until you take a look at population concentrations.  Then it becomes painfully clear.  No single state has as much influence on HR policy in this country than California.  Which potentially has big problems down the road – as many California ‘ideals’ about workplace laws and practices, might not match those in the South, Midwest, East and/or Northeast.  It’s one thing I said my entire HR career – I’ll work anywhere for the right job – except California! You want to see bad HR policy run a muck at its finest…

Don’t hate the HR Pros in California – they’re just playing the game – and paying $1 Million dollars for a 1200 sq. foot home. But, hey, it’s sunny!

What can you do about it?  Move.


2 thoughts on “HR Lady in Topeka: You’re Meaningless

  1. Don’t knock it til you tried it! The challenge is really what makes the job. Also-certain areas in CA are harder than others.

    Truthfully–in the end I don’t mind having employees (that includes me too!) with loads of rights–it helps keep companies honest. Really.

  2. So true, it’s sick! Having worked for an international company with HQ in CA, it always amazed me how policies and forms were created in duplicate. One set just for CA and the other for the rest of the organization.

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