How Many Hugs Is Too Many?

My post on The Rules About Hugging At Work is one of my most read posts ever.  Check it out.

As you know – I’m a hugger.  If we meet and you believe we are friends because we connected on Twitter 2 years ago — well — you’re getting a hug! That’s how I play.

I wanted to give you an update to my Rules About Hugging At Work.  Some of you know I have 3 sons, 16, 15 and 10.  Apparently, your kids listen to you when you talk around the house.  My ten year old started 4th grade this past week and his teachers felt like they needed to add some Sackett Hugging Rules to the 4th grade — they’re not as much rules as they are limitations.  I know what you’re thinking — No — we don’t go to a Communist private school.  I send my kids to public schools, I mean it did wonders for my grammar, so they should be just fine.

Yep, my boy Coop (seriously how could you resist him in the pic above!?) likes to hug like his old man.  What did ‘Dad’ do about it when he heard the ‘fuzz’ came down on my little man?  Not a freaking thing!  I told him to hug away – just follow the rules:

– No bathroom hugs

– No hugs from behind

– Only linger if you feel the other party is hugging back.

What kind of a world do we live in where a 10 year old boy is told he’s hugging too much?  He the sweetest, most kind, kid I know.  I’m glad to know this is how we turn our young boys into men — hugging limitations.  Well played America.

Enjoy Ari Gold – he gets it – no one ever stopped him from hugging! (NSFW)

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