Beautiful Things Don’t Ask For Attention

Over the holidays I got a chance to see the movie The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.

Sean Penn, plays freelance professional photographer Sean O’Connell.  Walter Mitty is played by Ben Stiller.  At one point Walter is searching for Sean to get an important negative and he finds Sean in some distant mountains, overseas, trying to capture a photo of a wild snow leopard.  Sean says this line when explaining to Walter why he goes to such lengths to get a photo:

“Beautiful things don’t ask for a attention.”

In context or out, it’s a hugely profound line.  Sean isn’t necessarily speaking to the snow leopards outward beauty but saying something truly beautiful, inside and out, doesn’t ask for attention, nor necessarily want attention.  Each of us defines beauty differently, so this statement takes on different meaning for all of us.

I love this, I’ll leave it that.

5 thoughts on “Beautiful Things Don’t Ask For Attention

  1. In fact, you’re other article implies you think quite highly of Christina Hart, despite the fact that she asked for attention. That’s the contradiction.

  2. Usually people have a life outside of their work. It’s entirely possible for an entry level candidate to be beautiful.

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