What Kind of Person Are You?

Today, is Friday March 14th.  I’m currently in Indianapolis at The Big Ten Men’s Basketball tournament with my oldest son.  We’re going to have fun.  We were given free tickets to attend from my Dad.  My Dad works in marketing and he constantly gets some pretty cool tickets for many events.  I’ve become accustom to a few things in attending events:

1. I like good seats.

2. I like to go to good events.

That causes problems because that usually means you have to pay big money in some way or another.  You either have to pay a ton for tickets, or have business connections who have access to corporate tickets.  Either way, you’re paying one way or another.

Also, when I say ‘good’ tickets, I’m not saying the tickets somewhere in the lower bowl.  I’m saying I want to be able to smell the sweat coming off the players.  I want to clearly hear every cuss word coming out of the coaches mouth as he’s yelling at the players and officials.  I want JayZ tickets.

So, here’s the kind of person I am.  I’ll sneak down to those seats if I have to.  Yep.  One of the cool things, let’s face there aren’t many, of being a middle aged white guy, no one asks you for proof when you want to go places.  “Oh, hey, Mr. Middle Aged White Guy, you must belong here, otherwise, why would a professional middle aged white guy try and sneak down to front row seats!?”  He wouldn’t! Until he does.

That’s the kind of person I am.  I’m not afraid to go sit in an open seat closer to the court.  The worse that can happen is they ask me to go back to my seat (I tell myself as I walk past the usher).  Sitting close is really cool.  I suggest you give it try, just not while I’m in the building, there are only so many seats up front.  I don’t want the competition.

That’s the kind of person I am.

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