It’s Tim Sackett Day – Celebrating Victorio Milian @Victorio_M

January 23, 2012 my friends made that day forever be known as Tim Sackett Day!  By January 23, 2013, those same friends thought I couldn’t take another day of celebration and honor, and decided to honor another individual but still call it Tim Sackett Day! Last year on Tim Sackett Day we honored the great Kelly Dingee! So, welcome to the 4th Annual Tim Sackett Day celebration!

Tim Sackett Day is about honoring and giving respect to fellow HR and Talent Pros that we don’t think get enough respect.  They are wicked smart.  Great at their profession.  Helpful towards others.  Really, just good all around people, we think you should know more about.  Yes, everything I’m not!  Laurie’s original goal was to introduce our little HR and Talent social world to people they might not know, but really should.

That’s why I’m excited on this day, January 23, 2015 for Tim Sackett Day, we are honoring Victorio Milian. Victorio is a Sr. HR Consultant for Humareso, writer with HRExaminer and his own blog  You can also check him out at  You can easily find him on Twitter: @Victorio_M, where he is prolific!

I first came to know Victorio years ago when he was in the midst of a job search.  I’m not sure exactly who introduced us, but I could tell immediately he was one of those HR Pros who ‘got it’.  He wasn’t about traditional HR and spending each day just doing administrative work. He wanted to make a difference in the organization he worked for, and he wanted his organization to make a difference in its employees.

He is passionate about his profession and about his family.  He used to be passionate about his signature long dreadlocks, but cut them off and went short.  I loved his long dreads and couldn’t believe he cut them loose. But,  I also love his new look as well!

What I know about Victorio is he has a huge heart and willing to help anyone in need, especially HR pros!  I couldn’t be more happy and excited to share my day with Victorio. Please tell him congratulations today on the social webs, and make sure you connect with him, you’ll be better for it!

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