Delivering Bad Benefits News with @JellyVisionALEX

It’s getting close to being that time of year when you start to deliver messages out to your employees about upcoming benefits open enrollments.  True HR and Benefit Pros know that the heavy lifting of open enrollment is done in the summer and fall.  Getting communications ready, making tough decisions on what to offer, and not to offer, all start to take shape in the ‘HR offseason’.

That’s why I’m hosting a webcast tomorrow (Tuesday June 16th at Noon ET) in conjunction with ALEX and SHRM, to help HR and Benefit pros prepare and give them some tips and tricks of delivering tough news.  Unpopular messages are always tough, and great HR pros deliver them in a way that is straightforward, empathetic and helpful.

Also, I’m bringing in a special guest, Dawn Burke, the tremendous and brilliant VP of People at Daxko who is in the trenches and has to deal with this kind of stuff every day.  We’ll be playing a game I made up called Real Life HR, with a Real Life HR Lady! Where I, and you, get to see if we can stump the HR pro with real life benefit communication issues!

It’s going to be fun! It’s going to insightful! It’s going to kick of this years communications better than ever before.

Sign up for free! Tuesday June 16th at Noon EST.


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