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This week on T3 I’m sharing something that someone else put together, but it’s a great resource nonetheless.The folks at GetApp, a site with reviews of workforce management software, put together the top HR Mobile Apps.

Take a look:

Top Workforce Management Software 2016 | GetRank

It’s a great resource to check out since you get reviews on 25 of what they consider some of the top HR related apps on the market. I don’t know the company GetApp that put this together, and while they claim each App listed didn’t pay them to be on the list, what I normally find in the industry is while they didn’t pay to get on the list, they did pay for something else, then ‘surprising’ ended up on a list!

I’ll be honest, many of these I’ve never heard of, so you’ll have to check them out on your own, but there are some big names on the list to be sure.

One really interesting thing you’ll notice from their list is that there a ton of time keeping employee time tracking type of apps. This makes sense since such a high percentage of our workforce have smartphones, these apps are easy to implement, especially at those level of jobs where you need to clock in and out.

The app world is intense. Hundreds of apps come into the market on a daily basis, and I continue to see more and more in the HR Technology space as well. While the majority of HR pros still probably don’t use an app to do their daily work, you will in the future. All the major HRMS products have an app that allows you to access information from your smartphone, and let your employees access their information as well.

Click on the image to get a larger view of the list.

One thought on “T3 – Top 25 HR Related Mobile Apps

  1. Hey Tim,
    Thanks for the write up, it’s very much appreciated.
    You are 100% right about the increasing importance of mobile apps in the business sphere, especially HR.

    They enable better communication between employers and employees, make shift changes a lot easier and we expect to see mobile apps expanding into all spheres of Hr including payroll, ATS and Performance management. Once again thanks for the mention and if you want to know more about GetApp just get in touch.

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